Thursday, October 7, 2010

Five Questions

  1. Does the change in practice/routine matter?  Not to put too fine a point on it, but I loved what Orson Charles said: "We're pissed off."  Good.  I still say a closed door team only meeting might just be what the doctor ordered, but short of that, hearing Charles talk about the coaches getting after the team in the locker room isn't a bad thing.  I agree that Georgia has played soft much of this season.  Any change in mentality that allows the players to spit the bit, even if it is mental, is good.
  2. How many sacks will Georgia have? Tennessee is nearly last in the nation in sacks, giving up 19 so far on the season.  At this pace, Simms will have been sacked 45 times by December.  Tennessee isn't good at 3rd down conversions, but Georgia is terrible at keeping teams from converting on 3rd down.  This gives a nearly perfect scenario for bring all kinds of pressure to keep Tennessee off balance.  It is hard for a QB to hit the long ball if he is on his back.  Oh, yeah: cover your guy cornerbacks!
  3. Will the changes on offensive line matter?  I have to wonder why a true freshman is a better option.  Yes, there is no doubt changes need to be made.  I just wonder if it is two games too late or if there is something in practice (ie, learning the system) that makes the freshman a better option than anyone else.  Hey, I am as happy as the next guy to see something different.  Let's be clear, up is the only way to go right now.  Now we see if Searles is as good as we might think he is.
  4. How many touches does AJ get? Give him 20 looks and 14 touches.  I'll take the Dawgs and the points.
Bonus Question:  Who has better hair: Dooley or Bulldog in Exile?

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