Monday, October 4, 2010

Five Questions, More Questions

  1. Will someone, anyone on Georgia's roster stand up and say it is on us to win?  Apparently, it only matters that we play well in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  I am past hoping there is a closed door, players only meeting and hoping no one gets arrested this week.  Will that happen?
  2. Will this be the week the 3-4 gels?  No.  I pointed out that Hansen wasn't very mobile.  It is just that Hansen hasn't played a defense that can't stop 5.4 40 speed from the QB.  Colorado had two 13+play drives, 235 yards rushing and Hasen hit 13 of 20 passes.  No, this wasn't the week the 3-4 gels.  Did I put too much vodka in the shots?
  3. Is this the game Georgia fans will say Aaron Murray has arrived? I thought AJ would get at least 20 looks.  Game planning and lack of conditioning limited that to 14.  Aaron hit 60% of his passes, had 221 yards and 3 TDs.  To Colorado's credit, they played strong on the line, putting pressure on Murray, despite a better game from our OLine.  Murray is looking very good for a RFresh QB, but this wasn't the 'arrival' game I thought it might be.  Will that be against Tennessee?
  4. Will the coaches coach to win?  No.  The offense had moments of inspiration, but our line isn't playing well enough to run Shaun Chapas up the middle, much less Carlton Thomas.  Mike Bobo doesn't seem to notice, or (maybe worse) care, what personnel groupings he has in.   I am still reserving comment on the defense, but it is clear something isn't working there either.  We can be happy about the kick and punt returns, right?
Bonus Question: Is Dan Hawkins on more of a hot seat with national media for losing to a 1-2 Georgia team than Mark Rich will be for losing to a 2-1 Colorado team?

Did Hawkins get himself another season with the win?

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