Thursday, October 28, 2010

Five Questions from the Boat

  1. Will the revamped Florida offense do it for Meyer?  I think that we'll see plenty of Burton and Rainey this week.  In a lot of ways, it is a good warm up for Auburn.  I didn't mean that as a good thing.  Yes, we'll see Brantley (how can we not after what Hartline did to the secondary?), but Meyer's offense is predicated on moving the ball more consistently that they have to this point this season.  Enter Burton and Rainey.  I say we don't answer the door for Rainey and let the fun begin.
  2. Will Mike Bobo design a game plan that gives Georgia options?  Florida's defense has been their strong point.  And leading scorer.  If Georgia doesn't give up defensive scores or give up the ball in scoring opportunities, I feel ok about the Dawg's chances.  If I know that, you know Bobo is thinking it.  In the past that has meant many, many headscratching quick draws.  I trust Murray to lead this team; hopefully Bobo will, too.
  3. Can Grantham get his defense ready for the revamped Florida offense? I wonder how much of this season's defensive success of late are growing to scheme and how much is teaching how to deal with known situations.  I feel good about stopping the Florida offense, as we saw it prior to Mississippi State.  Who know what it'll do now?
  4. How does Meyer rally his troops? There is no doubt that this is new territory for St. Urban.  The Zooker never lost three in a row at Florida.  The Gators are not playing very good football and haven't since the first half of the LSU game.  Honestly, the rebound effect worries me far more than Rainey coming back or any possible breakdowns in coverage by Georgia. 
Bonus Question: Who has the most disenchanted fans right now?

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