Thursday, October 21, 2010

Five Questions for a Thursday

  1. Can the Dawgs build on the past two weeks?  For the first time this season, Georgia played a complete game on Saturday.  Certainly, Kentucky is a better team than Vandy, but can the Dawgs at least progress a bit over the last two weeks? 
  2. Will this be the week Aaron Murray really lights up a defense?  You have to think there will be a week that Murray has to be The Guy.  He has had a couple of pretty good performances.  I don't expect (and hope to never see) him pull a Cam Newton with 200 yards running and passing.  I do expect him to put up a 300+ passing and a 100+ rushing day at some point.  
  3. What do Kentucky's defensive stats mean? I don't know what to make of Kentucky's defense.  They give up the 2nd most points in the conference, are 6th in passing defense and 11th in rushing defense.  They held SC to 90 total yards rushing, but allowed Auburn, Florida, Western Kentucky, Louisville and Ole Miss 175+ yards rushing.  They held Ole Miss to 90 yards passing, but gave up 382 to SC.  I just don't know what that means for Saturday.
  4. How scared of Kentucky should I be?  Derrick Locke will be out.  Probably.  That leaves a lot for Randall Cobb to shoulder.  Pun intended.  At this point, I think it becomes more of Bobo and company not doing too much besides what is working.  Spurrier lost last week because he didn't stick with what was working, even though he lost Lattimore.  If Bobo starts trying to get cute, it won't be that close.  Oh, yeah, Randall Cobb is a poor man's Cam Newton.  How poor is a key.
Bonus Question: Do I get to think there is such as thing as a let down?

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