Friday, October 15, 2010

Five Questions for Homecoming

  1. Will Washaun get the trust of his team back?  I am not an expert on running the football.  I have sneaky speed.  I am sneaky slow.  People cannot believe how slow I am.  Flies get bored around me.  Still, I have always had decent hands.  I am not a dropper.  While I am also not an expert on running backs, it seems to me that Washaun is fooling around with the football too much in his runs.  I don't know if this is habit or something that has been coached (although I hope to all that is Holy, the coaches have been beating that out of him).  It looks to me, he isn't interested in getting hit and tackled to the ground.  Good.  Run fast and slippery enough that you don't get hit or tackled to the ground.  I look for seven carries and 495 yards rushing.  OR in the alternative, get hit and tackled to the ground, but protect the football.  Either way.  As a bonus, Vandy's rushing D isn't the best, so putting up a big number, that isn't fumbles, would be nice.
  2. How much will Bobo continue to protect the playbook? Last week, we saw some more wrinkles unvieled.  I am thinking the pass to Durham and a couple of the routes that the TEs were thrown to.  It seems clear to me that Murray is handling what has been given to him, so this isn't a bad game to see just how well he does with all of it.  Hopefully, we haven't seen all the playbook yet.  Hopefully.  Vandy is pretty good at defending the pass, with the note that they have only played one team with an above average passing offense (Northwestern, 20th).  The rest are ranked 109 (LSU), 83 (Old Miss), 92 (Uconn), and 88 (E. Michigan).  Northwestern's Dan Persa lit them up for 19 of 21 and 3TDs.
  3. Can the defense put together an effective game against the pass and the run? I guess two home run plays off coverage breakdowns is better than four.  It'd be nice to have zero, but I am focused more on playing strong against Vandy's stout running game and not them to pick the short routes appart.  Vandy lit up Eastern Michigan last week, but I am not sure what that means, other than Larry Smith and Jared Funk took advantage of a severely over-matched O-fer MAC squad. Vandy is allowing 2.8 sacks per game, despite having a mobile QB and a short passing game.  Isn't it time for Justin Houston to get SEC player of the week honors?
  4. Will Ken Malcome play?  We discussed taking the redshirt off others, but if Washaun isn't getting it done (or worse), it'll happen.  If Washaun shows up and takes over the game, Malcome probably doesn't (provided Chapas Munzenmaier/Thomas can play some).  Keeping a shirt on Malcome means good things are happening.
Bonus Question: Will Hutson Mason get some mop up time?

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