Friday, October 1, 2010

Five Questions Before I Get on the Plane

As I wait for Air Trailways to take me to Denver, my questions for the game:

  1. Will someone, anyone on Georgia's roster stand up and say it is on us to win?  With all the angst about coaching, from myself included,  in the end, it is on the players to stand up and make plays, something that has been spotty this season.  I believe Aaron Murray is getting close, but as a freshman, it is a tough place to be.   A week ago, I thought the team would have a closed door thing.  If that has happened, we haven't heard about it.  The corollary to a closed door is having players get out there and lead the way by playing balls out football for 60 minutes, something that hasn't really happened yet, with a few exceptions.  I don't expect two 200 yard rushers or seven sacks (although I would certainly take that).  I do expect the offensive line to knock folks on their tails, running backs to explode through holes and 175 pound corner backs to wrap up instead of titty tackle.  Is that too much to ask?
  2. Will this be the week the 3-4 gels?  Colorado is a fairly balanced offensive team.  They have run nearly an equal amount of rushing plays as passing plays.  The good news is that we don't face anything like the running back in Marcus Lattimore, the QB/receiver combos we faced with Arkansas, or the mobile QB we saw in Chris Reif.  The bad news is that we didn't do a good job with any of those and Colorado has a serviceable running game and decent passing game.  Hanson is almost as fast as I am, so I am much less worried about him using his legs to beat Georgia.  Hanson also has thrown four picks, and Colorado has lost four fumbles in three games.  Give me the over on turnovers, Mooney, and I'll take the Dawgs and the points.
  3. Is this the game Georgia fans will say Aaron Murray has arrived? You can bet AJ will be getting plenty of looks.  He's fresh, he's hungry. Colorado is giving up nearly 250 ypg passing and opposing QBs have a 136+ rating.  Having to devote coverage to AJ will put Durham, Charles, Chappas, King, While, and Brown in man coverage or simple zones.  There should be plenty of passing options, including that nice little RB screen, available.  We'll need it, the Buffs are 6th in the nation in opponent 3rd down conversions, with only 8 or 34 converted.  Colorado's rushing defense is in the top 10 in the nation, but they have faced two pass first, pass always teams in Colorado State and Hawaii (Colorado has seen 74 rushing plays this season, with a shade under 25 att/game).  Cal, who ran the ball early and often averaged a much more respectable 4.4 ypc against them.  By that thinking, you know Colorado has to think, slow down the running game and stop AJ Green.  That'll leave Aaron Murry to find other receivers and the coaches open to finding plays that have those receivers open. 
  4. Will the coaches coach to win?  Much as been made about Mark Richt playing not to lose.  It seems most evident in our punt return fair catch team and calls on third and short.  I can only point to one time this season coaches have played to win, that being the fourth and one call in the Arkansas game.  Mark Richt and his coaches could benefit from a pep talk from Bobby Bowden about playing to win.  While conservative isn't always bad, always conservative is. 
Bonus Question: Is Dan Hawkins on more of a hot seat with national media for losing to a 1-2 Georgia team than Mark Rich will be for losing to a 2-1 Colorado team?



  2. I'm not sure "hot seat" really pertains to the Hawk anymore. He was fired last year. The University heads nixed it for financial reasons. Definitely an awkward situation.