Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Five Questions Answered

Questions and Answers.

  1. Can the Dawgs build on the past two weeks?  Yes and no.  While the running game continues to emerge as a legitimate counter to the Aaron Murray competency show, the defense seemed to let up in the second half.
  2. Will this be the week Aaron Murray really lights up a defense?  No, he didn't have to be.
  3. What do Kentucky's defensive stats mean? Well, they allowed plenty of yards rushing, but they were in a tough situation from the get go. 
  4. How scared of Kentucky should I be?  I think I needed to be scared.  While this looks like a convincing win, there is no doubt the opportunistic Georgia defense helped out the soft Georgia defense.  Kentucky is dangerous, as we saw time and again.  Fortunately, we created points early.
Bonus Question: Do I get to think there is such as thing as a let down? Apparently not.  Even after getting in a deep hole, the Cats fought back.

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