Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Five Questions Answered

Questions and Answers:

  1. Does the change in practice/routine matter?  I think the overall mindset was positive.  Not sure if the renewed physicality mattered or just shaking things up did.  Either way, we saw a very physical Georgia team on the field Saturday.  Even if it was 'fake' juice, I liked it.
  2. How many sacks will Georgia have?  4, a shade over Tennessee's season average.  Only twice did the deep ball hurt Georgia.  However, there is something about a sideline up pattern (wheel route or otherwise) that absolutely confounds the defense, particularly on the left side.  What is up with that?  Now Tennessee is DAL* in the nation in sacks allowed, by the way.
  3. Will the changes on offensive line matter?  Some, yes.  There is no doubt the Dawgs played much better on the line.  I am still worried about the number of free shots on the QB and running backs in the back field.  Saturday was step in the right direction, but there is work to do.
  4. How many touches does AJ get? I called for 20 looks and 14 touches and taking the Dawgs and the points.   He ended up with 10 or so looks and 7 touches.  I still hit the win and points. 
Bonus Question:  Who has better hair: Dooley or Bulldog in Exile?  Clearly he has more hair, so that is better, right?

*Dead Ass Last


  1. Wait, we talking Dooley the elder or Dooley the younger?

  2. Now that you mention it, either. Originally, I was talking about DD.