Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally, a Writer With Stones

Gregg Doyel, come on down.  He takes on Urban Meyer for his softness on reinstating Chris Rainey.  Actually, he jumps up and down on his newly minted seat 37F, calling Meyer dishonest and that he is sickening.  Then he does something I never thought I'd see, he holds up Miami (Fl) as a paragon of a clean program.

He is right, of course.  Randy Shannon does run a clean program.  Doyel gets right in Meyer's wheelhouse with the observation that Florida has had as many as 30 arrests in the Meyer regime.  He calls him out for the hypocracy of talking about Florida's core values, one of which included respect for women, then talking about making big plays as a core value of Florida football as he lets a big play maker who openly and illegal disrespected a woman back on his team.  

Interesting, I thought Georgia was the only school in America that had many arrests.

Most daming, though, is Doyel's shot across Meyer's bow:
Respect for women vs. explosive plays.
You see which core value matters more at Florida.
Urban Meyer is a bad guy, man. He's a bad guy. 
I don't think Doyel is going to be quite as welcome in Gainesville as he once was.  For me, I say good for him.  Doyel is a Florida alum, one that has been (rightfully) accused of being a huge Gator homer in the past.  By throwing this gauntlet down, he is showing a  lot of courage of his convictions, convictions that are stronger than his worship of  love for the Florida Gators.

I have to begrudgingly admit I respect him a bit more now.

(h/t Georgia Sports Blog)

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