Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Few Quick Thoughts Before I Hit the Road

  • How can we out gain a team, get AJ Green the looks we did, and still lose? 
  • We can focus on Bobo and his play calling, but at some point, Todd Grantham's charges have to step up and play a full game of consistently good football.
  • How did we only have five penalties?
  • By my count, Georgia left at least 13 points on the field.  Did I miss any or over count?
  • The Hooter's Whisperer just reminded me that Georgia jumped off sides again just now as they were getting on the plane, delaying takeoff.
  • Rodney Stewart is exactly the same size as Carlton Thomas.  Stewart's line: 19 carries, 149yds.  Thomas': 7 carries, 11 yds.  Is there a staggering difference in offensive lines or defensive lines?  Or both?
  • I know Blair will be kicking himself over the missed field goal.  We shouldn't have been in that situation.
  • Three drives started on the Colorado side of the field.  Seven points were scored.  Hey, we love adversity.  
  • I guess that is why we decide to run plays into the strength of the defense over and over and over and over and over....
Looking at the stats and score, the casual observer would have thought this was a hard fought game that came down to a last minute score.  In fact, it was two teams struggling to find their place in the firmament, with one doing the things it took to win and the other not.

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