Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Exhibit A for Why the AJC Powers Are Idiots

Go read Tony Barhart's piece on Mark Richt.  As well a thought out and reasoned look at the situation I have seen. 

That guy definitely was the right one to run off the full time staff.

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  1. Tony Barnhart was not very happy when the AJ-C announced that back then. I read his responses and listened to him discuss it with great glee.

    I hung on his every word about it.

    After this season, Coach Richt loses 15 seniors and 4-5 juniors. There is absolutely no way in Hell, that 2011 is going to be great therefore.

    Tony Barnhart's reasoning is that Coach Richt will STILL BE THE COACH 2011.

    What does that tell you about Coach Richt's FUTURE then ?

    In difference to Buck Belue, and those who say that we should not discuss this in detail that is painfully obvious to everyone everywhere because it will hurt recruiting. That would be an insult to Great Georgia Bulldogs' Football Recruits. Because you hide under a rock that we are great or not poorly coached, is an insult to our recruits that they have not been the ones telling you this long before you saw it.

    (1) 3-8 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams CMR Era

    (2) 17-21 vs Top 25 Final AP Poll teams CMR Era *

    (3) 10 losses to not Top 25 Final AP Poll teams CMR Era

    Only item 2 is even resembling acceptable

    vs. SEC 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 :

    .815 Florida 31-7

    .694 Alabama 25-11

    .666 LSU 24-12

    .571 Coach Richt 20-15 UGA 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 vs SEC

    We are a very poorly coached football team, and have been since after the 2005 season as Tony Barnhart admits readily and precisely. But, the real issue he does not discuss is that CMR will have in 12 months FIRED EVERY coach he hired.

    What does that say about CMR's ability to HIRE a coach to help him FIX THIS MESS ?