Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't Lie to Me Butter Bean

So, the Dawgs put on full pads for a 'very physical' Monday 11 on 11 work out.  It might be a sign of where I am emotionally/mentally about this season, but that news made me giddy.  

Why?  I am glad you asked.  Georgia's coaches are recognizing three important things:
  1. Softness begets softness.  I don't mean this as a direct slam on Georgia's strength and conditioning program, but I agree with Paul Westerdawg's assessment that Georgia is getting their assess whupped at the point of attack.  If it is coaching, then coach these guys to be maniacs.  I don't mean the jump off sides maniac (but if you do, you better put someone on their ass.  Hard. And insult that high school boy they call their girlfriend).   I do mean that if you are wearing a number that starts with 5,6,7 or 8 and you are in a blocking situation, that person touches the QB or hits a ball carrier behind the line of scrimmage only after you are on the ground, bleeding from someone pulling a hidden shiv on you.  If it is the other stuff, like having Izzy Mandelbaum designing the S&C regimen, well, at least you will have boxed the kangaroo.
  2. Our fundamentals suck.  After watching the Colorado game on TV, I noticed something I had noticed during Mississippi State:  we don't do the little things well.  I know you are as shocked as I am.  We don't finish blocks, we barely start them, we don't jam the line of scrimmage, we take very bad pursuit angles on pass rush and we don't cover our man on passing and rushing downs.  Repetition will help.
  3. Whatever it is they are doing, ain't working.   I don't know if Romeo needs to metaphorically tell the team to turn their hats around backwards and put their change in the other pocket, but the coaches have to do something different.  If I am Coach Richt, I pull Ben Jones or AJ (although he has lost a bit of moral authority to do so) or Rambo or even Aaron aside and tell them to run the coaches out, close the door and start kicking ass.  I would prefer it be Ben, but that is just me.  For now, any change over 'we just doing what we normally do' is good.
I am ok with having full pad 11 on 11 practices everyday if it fixes any or some of those problems.

We are to the point in the season that the 3-4 should put guys in their proper positions. It hasn't.  We have played in the neighborhood of 300 plays (not counting punts and kicks) and approximately 4 hours of game time on defense this season.  We have faced a terrible offense, a top notch passing offense, a mobile QB, two good running backs and a serviceable multiple-look offense.  That is plenty of time to learn the basics.  It is time to move on to putting guys in the position to make plays.  That is on players and coaches. 

On offense, stop being cute, make sensible play calls and let the guys play and play hard every play. That is on the coaches and players, as well.

Finally, I loved the 'spring practice' mentality.  If Georgia plays football hard all 60 minutes the rest of their games, I feel good about the way the season goes from here forward.  Playing football hard and doing so soundly and we likely win out.  In the times during this season we have done so, we have blown folks off the field during that time.  Regretfully, we have done both for 60 minutes total this season yet.

We fans have a responsibility too.  Show up, yell loud, boo those wearing orange and support our team.  If we expect the team not to give up on us, we shouldn't can't give up on them.  Be disappointed and be angry, but don't give up and turn on them.

Again, it might be reaching or just the already fragile state I am in, but this one change has me thinking it might still come together feeling good about something of substance, rather than simple hope that it has to get better.


  1. I know i'm a horrible fan right now & likely to get bashed here for saying this, but i don't want to go to Athens this weekend. I really don't. I think we're gonna get spanked by at least a touchdown & possibly more. And i'm just tired of witnessing the carnage frankly. Since i've been to every loss this season (the 1 game i missed was the opening win) i'm beginning to think i'm the bad-luck charm.

    Go Dawgs. PLEASE.

  2. I am far less worried about fans not showing (although I am worried about that) than fans showing and booing the team.

  3. A true fan would never say they really don't want to go to Athens this weekend. Living in Florida for 15 years and only being able to attend one game a year maybe gives me a different perspective. This team hasn't been blown out once this year. A couple plays or even a convenient break and we could be undefeated. What would the fans be saying then. Yes, we still have some very tough games to play; so stay behind the team....if you're a true fan. Can we win out? I don't know; but if they do, the SEC East is still not out of the question....look at the standings and see who USC and UF still have to play!! USC still has to play AL, Ark, and UF. UF still has LSU, UGA, and USC. Stay behind the Dawgs and see how the season plays out. I still think we have a shot at the SEC East.

  4. The thing I was most proud of as far as the fans was that coming home from Boulder I saw lots of UGA fans in their UGA gear in the airport. I hope the fans in Athens on Saturday will make me just as proud.

  5. "A true fan would never say they really don't want to go to Athens this weekend."

    Good grief.I'm a 3rd generation UGA grad (with 2 degrees) and a 2nd generation season ticket holder. You have no clue what you're talking about. If riding high horses is a prerequisite for being a "true fan" then yes sweetie, you are indeed a "true fan."

    And hey, since you're a "true fan" why not get your ass to Athens? I travel 5 hours to get there & just got back from traveling cross-country to cheer my ass off for UGA. Where were you Mr. anonymous "true fan"?