Friday, October 8, 2010

A Damn Good Dawg

I have to assume most of us read Bernie's Dawg Blog, if for no other reason that his unique use of the English language in disparaging our enemies.

Me, I read it because we are (pitifully for him) of a like mind.  Today is no different.

Go read his post, a manifesto really, about Georgia fans and supporting the Dawgs.  I believe this paragraph sums it up best:
Understand, you can't wait until halftime to decide. On Monday Richt sent the players a text telling them their pads would be ready for them at Butts-Mehre. It was 1's versus 1's. Time to tighten the chin strap. And you, you with the pitchforks, the torches and the Fulmer now the least you should be able to do is make a decision on whether you are a part of our sea of red and black, or just another fair weather Dawg sizing up an orange skirt.
Yer damn skippy.  As for me and mine, we're wearing red and black and doing so proudly.  It is 1's versus 1's time, bitches. 

Go Damn Dawgs.


  1. I have supported my Dawgs as long as you have or longer! That doesn't remove the fact that this program is taking on water and Richt is NOT the man to plug the holes. It's obvious we haven't been getting after it each summer like other programs have and it shows on the field. Remember, Summer Sweat = Fall Success! It's way too late for our boys to make that ground up on other teams. They put in the work and are just simply beating us physically.

    Richt just gives this program too much leash. Kids don't fear him and therefore don't respect him. It's that simple! A fish rots from the head down, time to make changes in Athens at the end of this season.

    No coach is bigger than my program, and this program deserves better than what Richt has put on the field the last 4 years! I'll always be a DGD and will always look out for my program, regardless of who coaches it.

    That's my two cents

  2. Appreciate your thinking that (not that I agree or disagree, just see where you are coming from). My problem is with fans firing Georgia just because the reasons you mentioned. Those of us (you included, I assume) that suffered through Goff and Donnan (and frankly, the last three years of Dooley) aren't part of that group.

    I'd wear red and black if Georgia was 0-12, had Ron Zook coaching them, and I lived in Gainesville. Hell, I supported basketball that way for the past six years.

    Say what you want about Alabama fans, they support their team no matter how good or bad. Maybe not the coaches, but the team.

    If (as you believe) the coaches aren't getting it done, the fans have to. We've been here through other coaches and will be here after Mark Richt is gone, whether that be in 2011, as you think, or in the 2020s, as I do.

  3. Agreed! Fans that dump the program and UGA after a few tough games are pitiful! Looking forward to Saturday. Dawgs should be fired up to avenge that pitiful performance last year against UThug.

    Boy do I long for the days of Erk and hearing Munson call games on a Saturday afternoon. As goes life though, things always change.

    GATA Dawgs!!!