Friday, October 8, 2010

A Bold Statement

Tomorrow, Georgia will beat Tennessee and cover the spread. 

Three Reasons:
  1. Georgia's defense is better than Tennessee's offense.  The Vols are averaging 313 ypg in total offense.  Take out the UT-Martin game (a 50-0 win for the Volunteers) and that drops to 281 ypg.  Georgia's defense is allowing 324 ypg.  Take out the 55-7 win against Louisiana and you have 373 ypg allowed.  While neither is pretty, ask yourself this:  Does Tennessee's offense look more like ULaLa's or any other team Georgia has played?  Does Georgia's defense look more like Florida's or UABs?
  2. Change is good.  I know it is hard to quantify the changes on the offensive line and the changes in practice, but having Stacey Searles and the players noting the differences matter.  It is my belief this team is hungry and not willing to take it any more.
  3. Tennessee is much luckier to be at 2-3 than Georgia is unlucky to be at 1-4.  UAB missed 4 FG in regulation in the Vols OT win.  Georgia's losses have been by lack of execution in areas that can improve.  Tennessee has played as well as they will.  Georgia has not. Ask yourself, which is worse: Losing to Neil Callaway or Dan Hawkins/Dan Mullen? 
As a bonus, Tennessee is 118th in the nation in sacks allowed with 19 on the season, so it'll be a good day to see Justin Houston doing his thing.  Also, since he is so quick to hit someone, let's send Vance Cuff on a blindside CB blitz one time, just for funsies.  To give you an idea of the level of bad 19 sacks is, Georgia is 92nd with 12.   Oh, Tennessee is 117th on 3rd down conversions, only converting 24.66% of their chances (and 108 in first downs/game, so it isn't like they just rack them up and don't have many 3rd down opps). 

I am willing to be a lone voice in the wind saying it.  If I am wrong, so be it.

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  1. +1 for just for funsies

    Houston is past due. After the Carolina game I thought he was ready to break out. I've missed his swagger and his relentless pursuit of blunt force trauma.