Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ankiel: An Update

The last time the Braves saw Rick Ankiel in the playoffs, he was walking six batters, setting a record for wild pitches and not giving the Braves anything to hit, as his pitches were nearly uniformly out of the strike zone. 

The wunderkind had lost it. 

Now, 10 years later, he lifted the Braves on his shoulders and put a ball in San Fransisco Bay, giving the Braves an improbable comeback win in the 11th inning, tying the NL Division Playoffs.

Now, it is a three game series and the Braves have the home field advantage.   Anything can happen now.


  1. The Braves have no 3 and no 4 hitter.

    We have no defense.

    We have no outfielder.

    We cannot hit.

    Whoever is the 25th man on the roster, Bobby Cox the wife-beater, will put in the game and play like he is just as good as what should be 9 Starters.

    We backed in to the play-offs.

    Anything can happen ?