Saturday, September 11, 2010


Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.  I was wrong.

More later.

Oh yeah, I was wrong.


  1. Yes I agree. I have never seen a more piss poor game than today. Today was miserable to the get go. That first drive i knew we were going to loose and i think georgia did too, Mark Richt did also. Mark was just as cool and calm as he ever was, he didn't seem to have a care in the world. He doesn't want it bad enough, the passion that you and I have is just not there for coach mark richt. Im tired of the excuses. I understand a loss but to loose it as poor as we did today is definately sickening. When is enough, Enough? I bet mark will be just as calm and jittery as he ever was saying how great lattimore is and how me missed opportunities. you're damn right we missed opportunities, how about doing something about it coach. How about letting AARON MURRAY do his thing. The Kid is a WINNER! but coach richt doen't have that winning mentality, sure he's a good coach or whatever but he doesn't want it. Its almost like he has no soul. sure we will win 10 games this year but its not good enough. I'm fed up with it and so is everybody else. Prove to us mark that you want it, you want it more than anything in this world. play every play like its 2 mininutes to go and you're down a touchdown. Turn up the heat earlier in the game, play like there no fucking tomorrow. balls to the walls, do that and i dont care if we loose 5 games this year but dammit you want it. I'm sorry im pissed and I'll be cooled down tomorrow

  2. You weren't the only one Exile. Watching it live sucked HARD. Seeing players just standing around was baffling to me. I've never seen us quit like that. Rambo, Troupe, Tavarres, just to name a few.

    We got problems. BIG problems. We'll beat a highly overrated Arky next week & CMR will act like we're on top of the world again.

    Lattimore's quotes in the ajc sting, but the kid's telling the truth. And what he said is a lot like what UT players said after they whipped us last year: UGA is predictable, mentally soft, unconditioned, not well coached fundamentally, etc.

    Richt needs to get it together. FAST.

  3. How was today all that different fundamentally from, say, 2007? Team looked terrible, no touchdowns, playcalling was roundly criticized (though in that game the problem with Bobo was that he was too cute and didn't just "stick with what works"...there are always variations on the theme). How was today fundamentally that different than some of the ugly ones that we won, like in 2002 and 2005? What do 2002, 2005, and 2007 all have in common? Ugly, ugly games with the Gamecocks in which our O did next to nothing, and fans felt frustrated and concerned about the "direction" we were heading. But every one of those years worked out ok. I mean, seriously, if we are just looking at random correlations, I'd be more worry about what's coming in the years where the game with Carolina when off the ugly script. (04, a 20-16 win with all of our 20 coming after they scored all of their 16; 06, a shutout in Columbia, 09, an offensive and special teams explosion.

    Of course, random correlations don't prove anything. The truth is we don't know how things go from here. But, folks, football always has such a small sample size that we have to stop freaking out over a bad game. Was an undefeated season the only way we could be happy this year? then why not look at this as an opportunity to zero on things that need to be improved, and get better from here. This is exactly what we have done after the Carolina game several times in the last ten years.

    When we were beating Hawaii's brains out in the Sugar Bowl, were we still complaining about our "pitiful offense" from the Carolina game? Or had we realized by then that that was an outlier? Early season tests can be failed, that's what makes them tests. But there are worse things than failing early season tests, like failing late season tests.

    I'm going to watch the replay and see if I can notice that loafing that you're talking about, Ally. If that's true, then it's no good, but CTG doesn't seem like the type to put up with that sort of thing...

    Oh, and finally, Carolina is the most affordable loss we have, if there were such a thing as an affordable SEC loss. It's like the Braves losing 2 out of 3 to the Pirates in April. Does anyone really think that that one series is going to make a difference to the overall trajectory of the Braves season?

    It hasn't in the past. Why did it today? If we score 40 on Arkansas next week, then are we back? Or are we just waiting for the other shoe to drop?

    Football is hard, people. Other teams have good players too, and they're also trying to do well, believe it or not. :-) Sometimes you lose. How do we respond?

  4. 11 First downs?

    6 points?

  5. Wow! Your 100% right! Thanks for explaining it. I thought the problem was something more serious like this highly touted, experienced offensive line that to some are considered the "best" in the nation is really "bogus hype" and in reality "they suck" or that Grantham's 3-4 defense was more like a Shanaya Twain song,"it don't impressa me much".

  6. Well then I'm glad I could help you get your head right, oh internet bot that posts comments on blogs anonymously.

    Who here is older than four and has been consciously watching and remembering Georgia football games from before 2009? Ugly game against the Chickens, even a loss against the Chickens, is a very common occurrence. It also almost never tells us much of anything about the quality of team we actually have that year. Last year's Carolina game did: we had a team that could score points in a shootout, but would also turn the ball over a lot and play invisible defense.

    But these "Maybe Woody Hayes could call a more exciting game for us" games are pretty much par for the course. I know it sucks to lose, and people want to be upset for a while, but you sound crazy. I love all my Dawg brothers and sisters, and I don't want them to sound crazy. :-)

  7. xon,

    you have a lot to say

    By late season LOSSES, do you mean Kentucky last season, in the latest late season losses ?

    I've got an idea xon, why don't you tell us all which ones of these games

    mean NOTHING ?

    LOSS 6-17 South Carolina 2010
    LOSS 27-34 Kentucky 2009
    LOSS 17-41 Florida 2009
    W 34-10 Vanderbilt 2009
    LOSS 19-45 Tennessee 2009
    W 41-37 South Carolina 2009
    W 14-7 South Carolina 2008
    W 26-14 Tennessee 2008
    W 24-14 Vanderbilt 2008
    LOSS 10-49 Florida 2008
    W 42-38 Kentucky 2008
    LOSS 12-16 South Carolina 2007
    LOSS 14-35 Tennessee 2007
    W 20-17 Vanderbilt 2007
    W 42-30 Florida 2007
    W 24-13 Kentucky 2007
    W 18-0 South Carolina 2006
    LOSS 33-51 Tennessee 2006
    LOSS 22-24 Vanderbilt 2006
    LOSS 14-21 Florida 2006
    LOSS 20-24 Kentucky 2006


  8. It was as if Bobo didn't want to lose by a large margin. The 3 and outs in the first half lost the game - not the fumble and not even the missed tackles.

    We scored 6 points against a defense that will prove to be simply average as the season progresses...

    Funny, I watched this game live yesterday but I swear that I've seen it before. Kind of like last year against UT, last year against Okie State, 2 years ago against Tech, etc....

    We consistently get outcoached and I'm sick of it. We are the University of Georgia! Expectations should be high!!

    We're no longer ranked simply because we're UGA. We're unranked and nobody cares. Nobody is scared of playing us. And ultimately, anybody - and I mean anybody - could go .500 in the SEC at UGA. By the way, that's Richt's record over the last 21 SEC games.

    I'm sick of being softer than the other team. I'm sick of excuses. And I'm sick of losing to programs that used to look up to our program.

  9. Coach Richt said on Coach Richt Show yesterday : ” I do NOT bother the players getting ready to play the games. They EACH have THEIR OWN WAY of getting ready. I do not get in their way pre-game, doing that unless they play their music too loud. ”

    NCAA Rank Total Offense UGA # 94

    NCAA Rank Total Offense Arkansas # 10

    What we have exposed here is that since our last SEC Championship Game in 2005, we are 10-11 vs SEC East.

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