Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What We Learned - Week Two

Just because you are highly rated doesn't actually mean you are good.
  • Josh Nesbitt - Not Heisman material.
  • Georgia's OLine - Not best in nation.
  • Virginia Tech - Not best in Virginia.
  • Florida - Barely still best in Florida.  For now.
Georgia still has growing to do.
  • The defense showed DNA level issues continuing with titty tackling.
  • The defense also showed the tentativeness of not knowing instinctively how to play the 3-4.
  • With a couple of exceptions, though, they were still in position to make plays, meaning they are getting there.
  • I don't know how to act when Butler is merely average.  I have heard more than one person talk about his 'terrible' day.  Five punts for 42.8 isn't terrible, it is merely pedestrian. 
  • Justin Houston was born fully grown.
The ACC:  Is it basketball season yet?
  • FSU isn't ready for the big time.
  • Jacory Harris isn't either.
  • North Carolina didn't play football, but still stayed in the headlines for the wrong reasons.
 The Pac-10 has a new sheriff and he wears a tree.
  • Yes, I know Oregon will compete for the league title, too.
  • Stanford did something no one has since 1999 in shutting down UCLA at the Rose Bowl.
  • The next three weeks are huge: Wake Forrest visits in the Tightass College Bowl, then the Cardinal travels to Autzen against Oregon and South Bend against Oregon.  
  • Will the game @ Oregon be for the Rose Bowl?
The Heisman will be interesting, you know, since TGCPE is technically ineligible.
  • Mallett has to keep the pace up against much better defenses than UL-Monroe to stay in this discussion.
  • Denard Robinson had to love facing ND after the day Robert Marve had running the football the week before.
  • If Mallett is a leader, Jerrod Johnson at Texas A&M is my darkhorse.  
  • Okie State's Kendall Hunter is on that list, too.

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  1. Still think Oregon is the team to beat in the Pac 10. Stanford's lack of D was masked by playing the joke that is UCLA. Oregon looks awesome, and has Stanford at their house.