Monday, September 20, 2010

What We Learned - Week Three

I'm still not too sure about Texas yet.
  • While their D looks stout (against some admittedly weak opponents), the offense sure could use some umph.
  • Gilbert is having some growing pains, very much like another young QB we all know.
  • "Weird things happen in Lubbock," Brown said.
I'm still not sure, at all, about Southern Cal.
  • I know they are getting love, but their head coach isn't doing them any favors.  You think Georgia's got some playcalling issues? The Kiffer calls for two two point conversions, on the road.  While scoring a go ahead TD.  With two quarters to play.  That isn't the worst playcalling problem they had on Saturday.
  • They gained fewer yards, on more plays, than South Dakota did against a porous Minnesota defense.
  • The Trojan's young defense is starting to show signs of life, but they are a long, long way from the stout D the Trojans are used to.
Arkansas is a very good offensive team.
  • Ryan Mallett keeps this up, he is a legit Heisman contender.  He runs the ball fake play action as well as David Green ever did and moves around in the pocket way more than I gave him credit for.
  • Their offensive line is quick and strong.  Or they were total and completely prepared for everything Georgia threw at them.
  • The only week spot is 3rd and long.  They don't have a good pass catching RB or TE that will allow an underneath play that has a legit shot at gaining 10 yards.
Ron Zook is the master of the understatment.
  • "I'm not so sure we would've won that game a year ago." - Ron Zook on the win over Northern Illinois this weekend in Champaign.
Fulmer is learning the politics of Tennessee athletics.
  • If there is anything that can make people forget about backstabbing, poor recruiting and general malaise, it is openly dissing Lane Kiffin in Knoxville.


  1. Pretty accurate assessment of SC. I think my biggest problem with the playcalling is similar to Georgia's - not enough use of primary weapons. SC has 3 ridiculously dynamic players on offense at WR and Baxter - get those guys the ball. Kiffin has bit off too much, trying to coach and call plays. He failed to call timeout one time when it was obvious he needed one, and also failed to promptly challenge a play once. I'm not a fan of coaches also being play callers as well, unless it's a short term thing. Hopefully Haden steps in and puts a stop to it. He certainly hasn't been helped by Barkley's inaccuracy over the past game and a half.

    Mallett is really, really good. It's pretty ridiculous that Rich Rod couldn't find a way to structure his offense around Mallett for a couple years, instead of running the guy off. I'm guessing they could have figured something out that would have worked better than Sheridan / Threet / and Forcier the past 2 years. I'm still not sold on their D though, and I actually don't love their RB's either. The WR's are exceptional though. We'll obviously find out all we need to know this week with them.

    Fulmer is a moron. One person is primarily responsible for the current state of the program - he can look in a mirror to find out who.

  2. Arkansas is a good team but they are far from great. Their D still looked quite average.

    Our offense was just that miserable outside of 1 quarter

    With 3rd and 4 seeing ALL 4 WR's just go deep was so embarrassingly bad that Bobo should have been fired immediately