Friday, September 3, 2010

What We Learned Last Night

Just a few observations:

South Carolina might be the best team in C-USA.
  • Marcus Lattimore is the real deal.
  • If I had heard "something to prove" one more time last night...Seriously, who but Alabama doesn't have something to prove this season?
  • I hope the officials that had that game are somewhere else on September 11th.
Minnesota is not the best team in the Sun Belt.
  • Big Ten my Ass.  You can't complain about not getting media love when you open the season on the road in Murphreesboro, unless you are Austin Peay.
  • TOP disparity: Minnesota's 45:34 to the Blue Raiders’ 14:26. Note to self...don't ever watch a Minnesota game.
  • With a nearly 60 pound weight advantage on the front line, you would have thought the Gophers would walk away with this one.  They won't have that in Big Ten play, even against the effete Wildcats from Evanston.
NCAA didn't take Southern Cal's swagger, but apparently did take their defense.
  • The Trojans looked pretty good at times.  Regretfully, the only team with a defense as porous as the Warriors left on the schedule will be Washington State's. 
  • The upside is the Warrior's will win some ballgames.  Looks like McMackin has a QB to run that offense proficiently again and the tools to help him.
  • Who had the over on number of two point conversions attempted by USC?
The media missed a BCS buster.
  • Utah has a defense.  Who knew?
  • The Wanstache wishes he had scheduled Marshall now.
  • Is this an indictment on the Big East, the media's overlooking Utah or both?

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