Monday, September 6, 2010

What we Learned the First Week

Florida has some...stuff to work out.
  • "I didn't imagine the offense's incompetence that we experienced today," Meyer said.
  • It wasn't coachspeak hyperbole.  They finished with 212 total yards and only had 25 through three quarters. There were three fumbles, and the Gators were 0 for 3 on 4th and short.  Yeah, that Tebow guy is just a shining blaze of light in the rear view mirror.
  • The defense, however, looked good.  Four ints and holding Miami to just 212 yards total offense.
  • This can't be good for St. Urban's esophageal spasms.
  • Everybody calm down.  It was Purdue.  Yes, Notre Dame is going to be better, but they allowed Purdue a 10 minute TOP advantage and were the recipient of two Robert Marve gift interceptions.  NOTE to Brian Kelly: Michigan won't throw 42 times.  This season.
  • Speaking of, Denard Robinson > Robert Marve, as rushing QBs go.  I look for Michigan to be the new team that is all the way back this week after next week's match-up.
  • ESPN had two bloggers and were hyping the Michigan game next week as a clash of the titans.  It has the potential to be for a trip to the San Antonio Bowl, so there is that.
  • You can't allow that kind of 4th quarter swoon against this schedule.  Kelly will be on the hotseat already unless the Irish play stronger a whole game. The Irish will go 7-5.
 Buying a win just ain't what it used to be.
  • North Dakota State 6, Kansas 3.  Mark Mangino is sitting on some sand pit of a planet somewhere with scantily clad three headed women feeding him Venusian pomegranates deep fried and dipped in chocolate as he chortles with glee.  Charles Barkley now quietly protests Kansas because they hired Turner Gill to lead that shit show. 
  • Jacksonville State 49, Mississippi 48.  Houston Nutt reportedly has 'gone back to the drawing board' and will use Masoli as QB, RB and safety the rest of the season.  BTW, the question about Nutt winning with Orgeron's talent has been answered.
Les Miles is in trouble.
  • I am careful to buy into the whole hot seat meme, especially for a coach that has a Crystal Football as his personal hat rack, but LSU came one play from losing to a team that was playing with their second and third team.  Lose Saturday night and he'd just about have to win the SEC to keep his job.
  • UNC, on the other hand might have to shut down their football program when the NCAA is done.  However, they showed a ton of fight and played very good football once they figured out how to play as a team.
  • Note to SEC teams: Don't ever, ever kick a football to Patrick Peterson.
  • No way LSU wins the SEC West if they play this way all season.  They might come from behind and win some games, but after amassing a big lead, they just stopped playing.  That, by the way, is almost always coaching.

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