Tuesday, September 21, 2010

THE Voice of Reason

Greg McGarity speaks, I listen.
“I don’t really buy the notion that ‘Boy, this is the make or break year,’” McGarity said. “I don’t buy that. I think every season is weighed on its own merits regardless of what sport.”
Yes, he is new in the job and he is getting his feet under him.  However, there are two very important things to remember.  First, he has learned how to manage things from Jeremy Foley.  Even in the Zooker days, Foley acted with reason and logic, not with haste or based on outside pressures, when he made the decision to fire Ron Zook.  Second, he is a very proud Bulldog, one that grew up in the days of sticking by your people and lived through the ups and the downs of the Dooley days.  In that regard, he gets it. Really gets it. 

What is 'it'?  Well, ask Mike Hamilton.  I imagine he lays awake at night wishing knew what 'it' is. 

As for McGarity, he feels no need to say anything other than Mark Richt is his coach and we've got a ballgame on Saturday.
McGarity said there’s “constant evaluation” of all programs, but he will avoid getting into any “vote of confidence,” of Richt.
“I’m not getting into a trap,” McGarity said. “People always want to say, ‘vote of confidence.’ Whatever you say is going to be taken the wrong way by someone. … I’m not getting into that trap.
“I think it’s just something you constantly review. Personnel matters, decisions are all confidential, and I’m not willing to play those out in the media,” he said. “I can just tell you this — That everybody on this staff is positive, upbeat and wanting us to get back on track. We’ve had two really tough losses here, and we’ve got another tremendous task ahead of us at Mississippi State.”
Smart statement from the only Bulldog fan with an opinion that matters.

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  1. Greg McGarity, I did NOT hear him say that Coach Richt is great.

    What I DID hear Greg McGarity say is that we have to get on track.

    If you missed that, I did NOT.