Monday, September 27, 2010

Upon Further Reflection

No, I am not about to say anything about the game itself, as I have hashed and rehashed what I wrote immediately after the game (and edited before posting yesterday morning).  I am not going to mention, except in oblique references, any of the games this year to date. 

Mark Richt is edging close to the hotseat unless he takes control of coaching, in a very public way, the offense.  We can debate his won-loss record, the giving up play calling a couple of season ago, the young QB, AJ Green, offensive line play, tight ends, and running backs all we want, but something is seriously broken with the offense right now.  I can't say for certain that it is Mike Bobo's play calling.  I can't say for certain it is line play.  I can say for certain that despite very solid performances from a RFresh QB, the offense has looked like they are in the weeds.

I have been thinking about the offensive plays we have called and can only come to one conclusion:  we didn't alter anything after finding out AJ was going to be gone.  At first, I thought Bobo was being vanilla because he had to be.  Now, I believe it is a bullheaded assumption that the plays we have drawn up are runnable for any player.  I don't say this as a slight to Kris Durham, Tavares King, Marlon Brown, Logan Gray or any other receiver.  I say this as a reflection of the immense talent AJ Green brings to the football field.  In that regard, the offense's playbook revolves around AJ Green making things happen when the ball is thrown his direction and daring the defense to stop us when we do. 

Think about the number of passes thrown to Kris Durham, who has been a complete stud receiver and a tough mofo to boot.  Think about the plays in the gut, trying to sucker LBs in close.  Think about the number of screens (or lack thereof).  Now, think about having AJ Green in the game and the dynamic he brings, and what that changes in the defense's mindset.  I know this seems like a very simplistic statement, but the offense was drawn up giving AJ Green 20 looks a game, then using the rest of the offense as a counter to those plays. 

Crazily, we haven't adjusted a thing.  We simply put Kris Durham into that receiver slot and ran the offense.  The only problem is that Kris Durham, as good as he is, isn't AJ Green good.  He is usually played with man coverage and two deep zones.  AJ Green eats man coverage for breakfast and masturbates to two deep coverage, due to his strength, speed and ability to find soft spots in zones.  Again, nothing against Kris, but there is a step up in ability that is noticeable. 

I am not saying we have a different won loss record with AJ in the games.  It is conceivable that we are 4-0 or 1-3, with how other phases of the game have looked.  It is not conceivable that the offense would look so broken if we'd ran more plays that utilized the talent we have, instead of trying to fit the talent we have into the plays we already had designed. Saturday night is a good example.  We kept running the ball into a box with seven or eight players stacked into it and making the quick out to the sideline pass play on KJ Wright's side of the field.   The best play call all night was the screen pass on 3rd and 12 from State's 17.  If any of the leading linemen on that play had bothered to block, Ealey at least gets the first down, maybe more.

Finally, Coach Richt seemed to be calling more plays this game.  He also showed more disgust at what he was looking at during the game.  Instead of saying there would be no changes after the game, he hedged.  I look for Richt to at least take over play calling.  He won't fire Bobo mid-season, that is not his style.  He may well defacto fire him and it might be the only move that could keep him from potentially being on the line himself.

I hate thinking these things.  Mike Bobo is a DGD.  Regretfully, his fault or not, his players are not getting close to living up to their billing. 


  1. I wonder if the coaches had stayed in the locker room during the second half how the game would have turned out...not sure it would have been much worse.

    Also, Mark Richt's clipboard toss got me excited for two seconds and then he just went back to being classy Mark Richt. I might be okay with some hootin', hollerin' and foot stompin' if it meant winning a game...

    That being said, I still love my DAWGS. I'm just afraid I might die of alcohol poisoning if something doesn't change quick.

  2. I'm with ya. I wish there was one concrete thing we could point to that would explain why the offense has been so anemic. Unfortunately, there hasn't been. It will be interesting to see if and how getting AJ back changes that in the next few games. I think Aaron Murray's about to have a new best friend.

    I'm beginning to think our running backs just aren't very good. Maybe they're not being coached up well, maybe they just aren't talented enough. They're just not intimidating at all. I never feel like they're going to turn a 3-yd gain into something more.

    All I can do is pray that we've hit rock bottom. Alcohol poisoning might not be so bad...

  3. Oh, and this might be the statement of the year:

    "AJ Green eats man coverage for breakfast and masturbates to two deep coverage"

  4. What's broken with the offense is that the O-line is either way over-rated or grossly underachieving along with two average RB's and a redshirt FR QB? Defenses are like sharks looking for blood as they don't fear anyone on our offense. Insert AJ and things look totally different. He will command the attention of the defense on every play. Here's my opinion: magically the line will do a better job blocking this week and the running game will be much improved. AM will have time to throw to AJ and other receivers will get open. Welcome back the TE's as well. Star players make average players that much better; and that is exactly what AJ will do. I think most people ( me included) thought the RB's and O-line were better than they actually are. We didn't get blown out of any game; we just didn't have a star step forward and make a play.

    The presence of AJ will help sustain drives keeping the defense off the field. It's like my neighbor, who happens to be a Gator, said "Georgia has the talent to win every game on their schedule. They just aren't making the plays to win right now." I think AJ's the guy who'll change the season for us.

    I'm not giving up on the SEC east just yet. USC's playing well; but they could lose 2 more in conference play. UF could lose to AL and LSU plus maybe a huge UGA win in Jax. Now we're looking at a 3-way tie for the East. At that point it goes to the highest BCS team. Might be the Dawgs.

    I'm behind the team and coaches and if you're a true fan you shoud be as well. I'm very upset with the outcomes of the last 3 games; but I'm not giving up hope.

    GO DAWGS!!!