Sunday, September 26, 2010

There is no Pain, You Are Receeding

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good:
  • Ahhhhmmm...Aaron Murray is a warrior?  Seriously, this isn't a game like the South Carolina game where the Dawgs lost despite playing terribly.  Only one phase of the game was terrible.  There were several phases there were merely pedestrian.  Murray and Durham played their balls off.
  • Kris Durham.  Seriously, dude was huge.
  • The TD pass to King.  Too bad we waited 58+ minutes to run that play.
  • Pass coverage was better.  They only threw the ball 14 times, though.
  • Justin Houston and Akeem Dent.  Oh, and Gamble's Int.
  • Hey, we ran a screen pass and had a TE make a catch.  That is a start.
The Bad:
  • As good as Georgia played in the comeback last week, they never consistently played that well last night.
  • Expecting they would and feeling like I got kicked in the balls for thinking they would.
  • No sacks.  I know, Mississippi State doesn't have that kind of passing game, but it didn't seem like there were ever that many white jerseys in the backfield.  Three were only 14 pass attempts, but it never felt like we had good pressure on Reif/Russell.  
  • Speaking of, QB contain.  Reif had 97 yards running the ball.  Nearly half of those yards were on scrambles. 
  • Georgia players playing hard, but still not being in position to make plays and not being prepared for the plays that are made.
  • Penalties.  9 for 63 yards.  It seemed like 7 of those were possession changers. 
  • 11 men, per side, per play.  Assign a graduate assistant to make sure IT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS AGAIN we are prepared for the assignments and personnel groupings that are called.
  • Running out of bourbon in the 4th quarter.  Rookie mistake. In the interest of fairness, if I am going to expect Georgia to show up and play, I should do the same.
The Ugly:
  • Running one screen pass and having one pass completed to the TE all night.
  • Anyone want to tell me who we have on the offensive line that is playing up to their talent level?  Maybe Ben Jones?
  • Speaking of the screen pass, if you are a lineman and you are on a screen, you might want to block.  Just a suggestion.
  • Vance Cuff, dead to me until you actually wrap someone up.  Dude, you weigh 177 pounds.  Unless you gain 50 pounds, start putting your hands on people when you hit them.
  • Running the ball up the middle. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again.
  • Balance.  31 passes, 34 rushes.  It is fair to say 6 of Aaron's rushes were pass plays gone bad.  After all of this, we aren't to the point of taking what they are giving.  If you didn't know, it was the pass in the flats, the areas that would be available for the screen and running plays off the edge.  Not that we run those.
  • Playcalling.  That is all.
I want to say the turnovers were bad.  I really, really do.  One was a fluky thing, one was a crazy bounce and bad luck. 

This one feels worse to me than the Tennessee game last year.  Maybe a day and a fresh perspective, as well as a re-watch, might make me feel different.  I don't know.  I do know when we don't look competitive against Mississippi State, we have issues.  Yes, I know that is an understatement.

I am still a Dawg and will die a Dawg.  That doesn't make watching this particular group of Dawgs struggle so mightily any easier.


  1. Bobo's calls are disturbing but I think I'm just more disturbed by the offensive scheme. It doesn't look like we do much to maximize our skill players and attack the defense.

  2. While I agree running out of Bourbon was a rookie mistake, I also have to wonder if your intake has gone up exponentially with each DAWG failure. Perhaps, before liquor shopping, you should watch some game tape to remind yourself how to get prepared ;)