Monday, September 13, 2010

That is how you get to 8-5...

Without much further comment (re: Marcus Lattimore's day on Saturday), from Travis Haney's Spur of the Moment on the Charleston Post and Courier's website:
"The final tally: 38 touches, 198 total yards. 29 broken tackles. 127 yards after first contact."
"Look at the first and final drives, in particular. He broke 11 tackles on the first drive, gaining 50 yards. Lattimore broke 13 tackles on the final drive, gaining 56 yards."
 Read the whole chart he has.  Uggg.


The Senator has more commentary on the same article.

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  1. Well, the last time we lost to USCe, we finished up #2 in the country. Let's get a good start on that finishing kick by whipping up on Arkansas this weekend.