Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Morning

Ok, I am going to try to be as dispassionate and rational as I can be.
  • To the extent that AJ Green mattered, it was in Bobo's game planning that it mattered the most.  When your offensive coordinator doesn't know what plays to call or trust the one's he can, it sends a message to the rest of the offense. 
  • Our offensive line is way under performing.  As far as I know, mono doesn't take three weeks to get over.  At least he has a reason.
  • We are not nearly to the point of needing to fire anyone.  We have a redshirt freshman QB and an new defensive scheme.  Last week, the team didn't tackle well and played timidly.  This week, we faced a very good QB and some veteran receivers, and still played timidly for 3 quarters, but tackled well. Both games were winnable, but the very things that got the Dawgs in comeback mode are the same things that caused the final result to be losses.
  • Bobo's offense sure isn't very imaginative, both from a formation or scheme standpoint.
  • No discipline on coverage was Willie Martinez's legacy.  Now Grantham has to be NFL Grantham and fix it.
  • Speaking of NFL Grantham, it is squarely on him to make sure we have the right number of players out there on defense.  There is no need to have illegal substitution on defense.
  • We have severe personnel mismatch issues on defense.  On nearly every play, the Hogs had someone open underneath, either due to a LB not being able to keep up with their receivers or just flat out blowing their assignment.
  • That being said, the defense was better with fundamentals.  
  • Arkansas' offensive line played very good.  They won that battle.  A bunch.
  • Murray has a ways to go learning where to throw the ball on deep routes.  His first long one to King was slightly under thrown, the one right before the half to King was way under thrown (5-6 yards).  Kris Durham's catch in the 4th that was reviewed was under thrown.  That is learning the speed of the game. 
  • Murray never gives up and is a tough mofo. I feel pretty confident after Mike Bobo looks at the tape, he'll realize Murray didn't hang onto the ball too long on more than one or two of the six sacks. 
  • Washaun Ealey showed why Georgia's coaches put so much emphasis on running back blocking in deciding who starts.  In that regard, not having Caleb mattered nearly as much as not having AJ.
  • I heard AJ Green wasn't eligible.  Did you hear that?
In the end, Georgia lost this game due to three things: overall lack of effort/fire in the first three quarters, continuing inability to figure out that there are assignments on all plays for the defense and you never, ever leave your assignment, and lack of imagination on offensive play calling.


    1. Best synopsis I've heard yet.

      So, does the team fix the problems and go into the Fla game on a win streak, or do we lose 1 or 2 more before that?

      As bleak as things look, this team's goals are still all obtainable (other than the national championship).

      Here's hoping for the best.

    2. Good analysis.

      Thinking back to last year, good chance we start 0-4 if we didn't have AJ Green. That being said, I agree that Bobo needs to be much more imaginative, especially w/out his best player. A good OC finds ways to move the ball given the personnel available.

      Right now for me, the most troublesome things are 1) the play of the o-line (how does Searles go from super-coach in 2008 to not being able to get these talented, experienced players to perform?) and 2) Bobo not finding ways to get the job done against quality opponents.

      Agreed it's way too early to fire anybody (or to call for anyone to be fired). Let's see how this thing plays out, but I'm guessing Richt gets more involved in the offense.

    3. To clarify, I meant there's a good chance we would have started 0-4 last year if AJ had not been playing then.

      (This is not an excuse for the past 2 weeks, but a suggestion that things could have / should have been even worse last year.)

    4. There is absolutely no way someone can tell how long mono takes to get over b/c everyone is different

      Myself and others I know had to take off nearly 1-2 months to get even slightly back from mono. Others that I know who had mono got back within a week.

      As for our offense, it has become a joke really trying to see us sustain a long, consistent drive. It just won't happen