Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Morning QB

Well, suffice it to say, I was wrong.  I was wrong about this, especially.

After games like yesterday, I like to give myself some time to process the carnage.  I am not ready to say this is a lost season, Fire Grantham!1!, or any of that other hyperbolic garbage.  It is clear, as hard it is for this Bulldog to admit it, South Carolina was the better team yesterday.  It was better coached.  It was better prepared.  It's players were better on the field.

Marcus Lattimore is the real deal.  I'm sure I'll talk about this a bit more later, but that first drive was a thing of beauty, especially if you like to see good running backs plying their trade.   You can blame the poor tackling of Georgia or you can credit the Oline of the Gamecocks, but at the end of the day good running backs exploit poor tacking and use good blocking to have great games.  Yesterday was such a day.

It felt like Garcia had far more attempts than 17.  Their first drive was as close to a perfect drive (save a couple of penalties on the Gamecocks) as you can have for an offense.  16 plays, 79 yards, 8:02 TOP, 7 points.  The Gamecocks converted on 3rd down four times (I am counting the one that came back on the penalty at the start of the drive, just because what happened after that with Garcia's 16yrd run is typical of what happened the rest of the game).  They did what they wanted, when they wanted and kept Georgia on their heels the whole 8 minutes.  Not much changed about that the rest of the game.

As for the season, I don't know.  I don't share Quinton's modest optimism about this season.  This team is not Atlanta bound.  That isn't post loss hyperbole.  That is stark realism.   Georgia is a good team that has a freshman QB and a defense that is growing into it's scheme.  Despite being out-gained, outplayed, and out coached yesterday, Georgia somehow found itself in position to make it a game.  In that regard, the defense did tighten it up in the second half.  In that regard, it was just too little too late.  This team will be one that will step up and win some big games, when they play to the best of their ability.  This team could lose to nearly anyone else on the schedule if they play like they did yesterday.

Finally, anyone complaining that Ealey's fumble cost Georgia the game is not seeing the big picture.  Yes, it is always maddening when you give up a fumble a mere three feet from potentially tying the game.  Blaming him is like blaming Chamberlain's appeasement policy for WWII.  It isn't so much the cause than an illustration of the causes.

The one redeeming thing I can think of is that the South Carolina game rarely tells us much about Georgia's season.  This game looked like every other South Carolina game I can think of.  I can't tell you why I thought this would be different, but I did think that.  As I said, Georgia will win some ballgames this season and will eventually play to their potential.  This was the game that everyone worried we'd screw around and lose in the early part of the season.  Everyone was right.  

PWD asked on Twitter yesterday what silver linings might have come from yesterday's game.  Right now, the only honest answer I have is that we don't go back to Columbia for two years.


  1. "This team is not Atlanta bound. That isn't post loss hyperbole. That is stark realism. Georgia is a good team that has a freshman QB and a defense that is growing into it's scheme."

    Agreed 100%. And i'm okay with that... this year. My Bama grad husband keeps reminding me "Even Saban lost to La Monroe his 1st season at Bama." I don't expect SEC Championship caliber defense when Grantham doesn't have the personnel.

    But i expect a helluva lot more from Searles & Bobo at this point. And call me whatever name you want, but Bobo has got to go. Enough is enough. At some point Richt has to realize Bobo is not all that different from Willie-he's just not an SEC caliber OC.

    Just my opinion, which isn't worth squat. Great post T & thanks for keeping the comments open!

    Go Dawgs!!

  2. My god! I thought you folks would be screaming for the head coaches blood today and instead I get rational analysis and commentary tinged with....realism!

    I am impressed.

  3. The sky is not falling. I'm not ready to call it a season yet and I think it's way too early to predict the degree of success Georgia will have. Face the horror: we won't go 12-0 and no, we won't win a national championship. There's plenty to play for, including an SEC title.

    Yes, folks are growing into positions and schemes and the faster they grow up, the faster they could have success. I'm not going to say it will be this season or beyond. I will say the pass rush harrassed Garcia more than I thought and Georgia teams under Richt have always predicated their success on hellacious D-line play.

    The root of this South Carolina phobia goes back to Munson. For whatever reason, he alwasy liked grousing about Carolina. Naturally, Dantzler did the same thing and now all the minions are following suit. Well, don't be freaking shocked when they screw the predicted they'd play down to a certain level. Now it has happened.

    I have to respectfully disagree with Exilus Maximus regarding Ealey's fumble. UGA punches it in and we may have a tie game with a 2-pt. conversion. Then we may hold them three-and-out and get a shot at a long field goal in the end or win it in overtime. No, Washaun didn't lose it all by himself, but it was a crucial mistake at a crucial time.

    Here they come-- "Fire Bobo! And if Richt wont' do it, then McGarity needs to tune Richt's ass up!" Really people? We're already there? Yes, the offense stunk it up. But even Georgia fans usually wait til at least the second loss of the season before demanding a coordinator's head on a platter. Folks, you won't see any firings until the end of the regular season, just like last year. Sit still for awhile and you'll likely get your Christmas wish.

    Now it's time to start thinking Arkansas. Su-Wee!

  4. Agreed 100%. And i'm okay with that... this year. My Bama grad husband keeps reminding me "Even Saban lost to La Monroe his 1st season at Bama."
    Si,Senorita! My thoughts exaclty.

  5. Ummm. This in not Richt's first year. Why compare him to Saban's first? Saban won the NC his second year. Any thoguhts on comparing him to richt on that?

    Disapointing loss but next week is another game. A win at ARKY will sooth a lot of wounds.

  6. Looked a lot like the loss to Carolina in 2007 to me. Not saying this will turn out to be the same type season but I do predict this will be an entirely different team by the end of the season. Tackle better and the D will be fine. On offense get AJ back and lots of the other weaknesses will be covered up. To me it was painfully obvious that none of our wr's could get open past about 5-10 yards. It makes it real easy for the other team to stop the run when that is the case. Finally life could be worse, we could be GT.

  7. Anon 6:27

    If you read the rest of my post you'd know i wasn't comparing Saban to Richt. I was comparing Saban's 1st year installing a new 3-4 D to Grantham's 1st year installing a new 3-4. Neither team had the necessary personnel to pull it off without a stumble along the way.

    Reading is hard.