Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Morning QB

Anyone, I mean anyone, that says they thought the game yesterday was going to go as smoothly as it did is lying. I believe most of us felt comfortable with Georgia getting a win.  I believe most of us felt if nothing else, talent and depth would help Georgia prevail, but were comfortable with saying things would be difficult early.  Never did I think the Dawgs would completely dominate the way they did.

Needless to say, I am happy.  Either ULL is a bad football team or Georgia is better than we thought, or some combination thereof. 

I'll have more indepth later, but for now, I wanted to get my general thoughts out.

The Good
  • Aaron Murray.  His only interception was a fluky deal.  He could have been closer to 22 of 26 and 225 yds.  He handled the ball well, handled the playbook well and only made one really bad decision that I saw.  In my wildest dreams, I couldn't have imagined a debut this good.  Oh yeah, that run and the presence to know where he was, switching the ball to the field side hand and breaking the plane.  Very DJ Shockley.
  • Kris Durham.  Welcome back.  Please stay healthy.  
  • Logan Gray. Ditto.
  • Ten receivers catching passes.
  • The linebackers.  The interceptions were the aided by pressure on the QB.  Boykin's was a fantastically athletic play, but the ball was rushed due to pressure.  Hamilton's was due to the QB being flushed and throwing across his body on the run.  They were a factor and except for a few scattered plays early, really brought the pain on the run.
  • The defense playing with passion, speed and a head hunting mentality.  Welcome back Junkyard Dawgs.  I forgot how much I missed you.
  • Coaching.  Seeing Todd Grantham go postal on Bacari Rambo's blown coverage on the TD pass was eye shieldingly frightening.  Don't piss Todd Grantham off.  Bobo seemed to keep the play calling interesting enough.  Great playcall on Durham's first TD, when everyone was thinking fade.  The dback never had a chance.
  • King and Thomas looked pretty solid running the ball, especially after first contact.
  • Hutson Mason.  Lovely symmetry with Mason throwing his first TD pass to Logan Gray for his first TD reception. 
  • Blair Walsh and Drew Butler.  Yawn.
The Bad.
  • Not sure what was with Brandon Bogotay kicking off in the first half.  Hopefully, that was a bone being thrown and not some trend or strategy.  I have nothing against him, but Walsh clearly kicks a more coverable ball.  
  • Dropsies.  It wasn't as bad as Neal and Ware would have you believe, but anytime you have more than one per 20 attempts, it isn't good.  Logan's drop in the endzone was the only one that required a pretty nice play, but was a catchable ball, one that I feel confident he'll make later in the season. Durham's resulted in the int.  
  • The back to back procedure penalties.  5 for 30 is much, much better than last year's nonsense, but those contributed to putting the Dawgs in a 3 and 26 hole.  Not good.
  • Missed assignments.  We are still growing into the 3-4.  I am excited about how The Dawgs played defensively, no doubt.  We have a ways to go.  Rambo's whiff wasn't the only missed assignment, it was just the only one that cost too much.  This comes with learning the defense and playing aggressively, but limiting the really big mistakes will need to come soon, or the next two weeks will be long Saturdays.
  • I hesitate to say it, but the run at the end of the first half was very gambly.  Yes, it turned out beautifully, but Murray was open to getting hammered.  If he doesn't get in, the clock runs out.  Much too high risk/reward for Coach Richt's liking.  Me, the jury is out.
As you can see, I am reaching for stuff to complain about (I could add the offensive line play generally in the bad list, but it was serviceable and I am willing to attribute it to their lack of practice together).  Overall, you could say there were only small things to get upset about.  Obviously, the level of competition goes way up the next two weeks and we'll know where the new look Dawgs stand.  Overall, I feel much better about next week in Columbia than I did after their game Thursday night. 

What'd I miss?


  1. Dents block on punt return was awesome. There were several like that during punt returns. Sanders Cummings fingertip int. was a thing of beauty. That was big time ball skills!

  2. I wouldn't be lying if I said I thought the Dawgs would do this well. In fact, I predicted it on my blog. I said the Dawgs would score more than 50, give up less than 10, Murray would toss three TDs and Mason would toss 1. I was off on who would catch the touchdowns, and I also overestimated that King would get two on the ground.

    Oh, and it was Hamilton who returned a pick to the house - I predicted Boykin. But hey, Boykin did pick one.

    I'd say I did pretty good. Don't believe me? Check the blog from Friday. It's called "Mason impresses in Debut."

  3. Zowie.....Ben Dukes!
    Soooo....whats your take on the South Cakalacky game???

  4. Ben, I noted you were nearly dead on, but just couldn't let myself think they would play this well.

    AHD, I can't believe I left Cummings int off. Very nice play.

  5. I heard Bogotay was kicking off because Walsh's leg was a bit sore, just a precationary type thing. Also I think an underated good thing is how good Smith looked returning punts. He is going to be a very dangerous weapon this year.