Friday, September 17, 2010

Shine is off the Pearl

I discussed it the other day, but more news is out that Bruce Pearl is clawing deeper and deeper down a hole and dragging dirt in on top of himself.

PWD has as good a write up as I have seen, with links to other write ups.

My observations:
  • I don't see how he can keep coaching there, with one exception: He has Mike Hamilton by the itty bitty short hairs.  Without Bruce Pearl, Mike Hamilton is as fired as Matt Millen.
  • Until the whole NCAA mess clears up, including whatever other punishment the NCAA doles out beyond what Tennessee has dropped on the basketball program, the Tennessee basketball program is in a multi-year dead period, at least as far as recruiting goes.
  • Any kid that does come has orange taint on them.
  • Somehow, this is Lane Kiffin or Phil Fulmer's fault.
  • Clay Travis is a douche.
Ok, the last observation is due to his comment on one of the links PWD had, but whatev.  He's a douche.

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