Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Guide to the Colorado Buffaloes

What to watch for, what to worry about:
OH, Taylor Hanson. Never mind.
  • Tyler Hansen is the QB.  As a young pop singer from Tulsa, he lead his band of brothers to the top of the charts with the catchy MMMM, Bop.  I'll wait while you sing it to yourself.   He also is 54-85 with 558 yards, 4TDs and 4Ints.  Despite all those years running from throngs of 14 year old girls and creepy older men, he isn't very mobile.  
  • He does have a couple of pretty good receivers to hook up with in Scotty McKnight, a four year starter and Toney Clemons, a junior that has Colorado's longest play from scrimmage (73 yard TD reception) on the season.  While Colorado will look to establish a running game, their short passing game can be dangerous, with 6-5 Ryan Deehan getting looks from Hansen at TE.
  • Colorado's running game is lead by Kordell Rodney Stewart, Colorado's very own elfin magic.  He plays much bigger than his 5-8, 175lbs, though.  He's had 67 rushes on the season and ran for over 800 yards last year.  He is also a threat as a receiver, with a couple of catches a game.  Interesting fact: He has never, ever fumbled the football while at Colorado.
  • The Buffalos are converting 70% of their 3rd and 8 or shorter opportunities.   While they rank in the bottom 1/3 of the nation in total first downs, their third down conversion percentage of 51% is good enough for top 15 in the nation.
  • Colorado runs a three wide receiver set, with Stewart in the backfield or slotted, depending on the situation.  Rarely, they will put two backs in the backfield, but almost always in short yardage situations or in plays that they are looking to throw the ball to Stewart.  Basically, the same offense Dan Hawkins ran at Boise State when the Broncos were in Athens in 2005.
  • On defense, the Buffs run a 4-3 base, with multiple cover options, even moving to a 4-4 at times.  They are led in tackles by strong safety Anthony Perkins, who recently moved out of a hotel, where he was living in with his mother.  
  • Perkins has 24 tackles on the season and an interception.  Outside linebacker BJ Beatty leads the team in sacks with 2.5 of Colorado's 7 sacks.  No word on if Beatty has a pet monkey he calls The Bear.
  • Teams are only converting 23% of their 3rd down conversions against the Buffs.  The Buffs gave up points in 75% of their opponents' red zone opportunites, with 6 TDs and 3FGs.  
  • The Buffs are down to their fourth string nickel back (when they go with 5 DBs).  
  • Colorado is averaging 75.7 ypg in penalties, averaging over 9 penalties/game.
  • On special teams, Colorado is mediocre, statistically speaking with two glaring exceptions.  They only average ~6.5 yards per punt return, and their place kicker hasn't had that many looks, but is only at 50% for FGs.  The kid has put 5 of his 12 kickoffs in the end zone, though.
  • They are honoring their 1990 'National Champion' team, the one that split the honors with Georgia Tech.  I blame them for letting Tennessee tie them, then assling around and losing to Illinois, thus allowing the UPI an opportunity to vote the Jackets number one.  You leave Tom Osborn out of this.

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