Monday, September 27, 2010

Official Turnover Differential Count

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Georgia Ints - 0
Georgia Fumbles - 2 (Ealey, Rambo)

 Mississippis State ints - 1 (Reif)
Mississippi State Fumbles - 0

TO differential this week  -1

Season differential  0

*No, I wish.  Don't you miss those little missiles of rubberized plastic from grade school?

1 comment:

  1. 0-3 last 3 SEC games to start the season. There is your stat. Our QB has been BESTED all 3 weeks by their QB which have all 3 been far better than he. He threw what were 4 interceptions. He was held without a TD again this week until the time said : 1:27 left and us losing 24-6. He has run for 27 yards on 24 carries vs SEC competition. His passes are batted down. He is 0-3 vs the first 3 SEC teams only he has played QB for us.

    You can stop the official count, when the entire strategy is don't throw interception or fumble and he throws 4 and we fumble twice.