Sunday, September 5, 2010

Official Turnover Differential Count

Sponsored by Ballboy Athletic Supporters*.  They always protect the balls.

Georgia Ints - 1 (Murray)
Georgia Fumbles - 0 fumbles, 0 lost

ULL ints - 3 (Masson, Gautier 2)
ULL Fumbles - 0

TO differential this week  +2

Season differential  +2

*Not really, but if you know of someone that would like to....


  1. So where does this rank us nationally after Game 1?! (my word verification is, fittingly, "elateme")

  2. "Almost Interceptions":

    1)2nd possesion- A pass to Orson Charles, almost intercepted and then again on a pass to Chris Durham. Durham has "securing the ball issues" for the second year.

    2)1:19 at the end of the 2nd Q- Almost intercepted in the end zone............

    3)Thomas' almost fumble 5:06 3rd Q

    Georgia Receivers and Carlton Thomas have problems securing the ball for the second straight year.

  3. almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!

  4. I guess the glass is always half empty for some. If we are counting almost interceptions, then we had two of those ourselves and an almost fumble recovery.

    By my count, that is still +2.