Friday, September 24, 2010

My Answers to All Things Maroon's Questions

Earlier today, I posted Brett's answers to my questions.  He's got the answers I gave for his questions up now. 

A couple of quick observations:
  • Looks like the bizzaro Dawgs were counting on strong offensive line play and are not getting it.  Fortunately, we haven't had the turnover issues they have had.
  • We will be facing two quarterbacks, both with very different skill sets.  Chris Reif will likely start and is more in the vein of a Josh Nesbitt, but with a better arm and better receivers.   The offense is more dynamic with Reif in the game, but does suffer from not being able to go down field.  With Russell, you lose athleticism, but you gain arm.  Think of Russell as a poor man's Ryan Mallett, but without the hype and game experience.  Either way, both will get snaps and Georgia will have to respect what each brings to the table, but don't get so oversold on what each can do that they let Reif's arm beat them or Russell's legs be a factor.
  • They are not handling the kicking game very well.  Either on kickoffs or returns.  Not a bad game for Boykin and Smith back helping keep our Dawgs in decent field position.  
  • It seemed to me in the Auburn-MSU game, the second half, absent the opening drive, playcalling was not so good.  The Dawgs, if you remember, executed the best onside kick I have ever seen after the opening drive TD.  The opening drive was a terrific combination of short passes and quick hit handoffs that had Chizik's defense reeling.  Then the Bizzaro Dawgs, after the onside kick, ran three straight generic plays that were well defended.  The rest of the second half wasn't any better for MSU.  If Mullen gives us that, I'll feel pretty good about keeping them from scoring too much.
  • Defensively, they have a lot of upside.  The Dline has underperformed some, so you hope they will continue to do so.  Or our Oline at least plays consistently average.  They rely on QB pressure and backfield presence to disrupt passing and running plays.  Having a couple of naked RB screens (thank goodness Chapas is back) or a TE or two get some looks can neutralize that effort.
In the end, this is another talent should win the day game.  It is also a good test to see if our secondary has shed their play the ball, not the man ways and sill stick with their coverage assignment.  There is a pretty steep drop off from Mallett to Reif/Russell and from the Razorback receivers to the Bizzaro Dawg receivers.  Do the little things right and a win should come.  Play lackadaisical on the offensive line, allow them three or four easy shots at home run plays and don't protect the football, then it might be a long walk home.

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