Friday, September 17, 2010

Maybe the Answer is They Don't

I noticed The Quad Blog's quick take on the Virginia Tech debacle and the effect it potentially has on Boise State's BCS championship aspirations.  I have noted with much dismay the problems of early season rankings, a screed joined by many others.  While I am a fan of polls and selecting champions by the polls, nothing good comes from these early season polls, with the exception of giving bloggers and others to plenty to write about. 

That is why I participate in the Mumme Poll and think all polls should wait until the end of September to come out. 

Let me cut to the chase:  the only reason, at least right now, anyone thinks Boise State is a legitimate BCS contender is the win over a team that got beaten by a college named for a US President.  Yes, they have a good football team.  Do they have a top two football team?  At best it is an open question, one that may well have been answered Saturday night in Blacksburg.

Conclusion of this issue from The Quad:

"While Hokies fans will bemoan Virginia Tech’s failure to live up to lofty expectation yet again, Boise State will be left trying to find another way to prove that it belongs in the B.C.S. title conversation."
If your best win is a come from behind win against a team that lost to JMU, well it isn't good enough, at least until all other teams lose at least one.  Even then, I don't think it answers the question in the affirmative.

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