Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mack Brown Hotseat?

In the vein of "you should see what the other guy has done," Mack Brown's Longhorns lost to UCLA 34-12.  At home.  Yes, the same UCLA team that lost to Kansas State to open the season.

I am joking, of course, about Mack Brown being on the hot seat.  The Longhorn fans heartily booed their own players, before they left with seven minutes in the game.

For all the non-sense we have endured, and are likely to endure the rest of the season, at least we haven't lost to a team like UCLA at home this season.

Put it this way, UCLA is the Mississippi State of the Pac-10, but with a better marketing department.  Texas' defense gave up over 250 yards on the ground.  Perhaps I am grasping at straws, but it makes me feel a little better seeing how poorly Texas played for some reason.  If that makes me a bad person, so be it.


  1. It makes me feel a little better as well. I also take solace in Tech's loss to NC State. Plus my fantasy team is doing well right now. Oh, and I found a nickel earlier. Hey, things are really looking up! Thanks, Exile.

  2. Is this post a joke?

    We haven't lost to a team like UCLA at home? How about Vandy a few years ago? How about giving up 50+ to Tech 2 years ago at home? How about giving up 30+ in one half at home to Bama? Need I go on?

    Mack Brown has a NC...does Richt have one?

  3. Actually, this isn't a joke. I didn't say Georgia didn't have those loses. I said it made me feel just a bit better seeing them lose to UCLA.

    You have your bitterness and anger to get you through the night; I have my glee at other people's misfortune.