Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Strenously Object

Reasonable minds can differ about the reasons for the other five sacks and numerous hurries, but I openly call on Mike Bobo to take this back:
Bobo said Murray was to blame for the final sack, an 8-yard loss on third-and-four that forced the Bulldogs to punt with 54 seconds left in the game. Arkansas scored the game-winning touchdown three plays later.

"On the last one, he’s got to get the ball out," Bobo said.
No, Washaun Ealey pulling a Roger Dorn on a 6 foot 5 inch 271 lbs defensive end coming from Murray's blind side was the cause of that sack.   Call out Washaun.  Oh, and call out the idiot bozo assclown savant that called a play that took 14 seconds to develop with no outlet receiver or opportunity to run by your mobile QB on 3rd and four with under a minute to play.  font=sarcasm Yeah, it definitely was Murray's fault. /font

For the sake of all that is holy, do not blame your quarterback.  I don't think we should fire anyone and am loathe to openly call for firing anyone, but if you start blaming your QB for stuff that is clearly not his fault, when you are part of the reason he nearly got decapitated, then I could start.


  1. Completely agree. I am much more willing to blame much of this loss on Bobo. He can blame the stacking the box on the TEs not getting more touches, but with our TEs, we could have generally had wide open plays over the middle like we saw the WRs get late in the game. Bobo did yet another horrible job of putting the team in a position to win. Watching a number of games yesterday, I was amazed at how many other coaches are able to call plays that their players can execute and get first downs. I've never been impressed with Bobo as a QB coach, and his OC capabilities have caught up to his mediocrity in position coaching.

  2. "I was amazed at how many other coaches are able to call plays that their players can execute and get first downs."

    Amen. As my best friend's husband reminded us last night: Bobo means dummy in Spanish.

    I've had it w/ Bobo and i've had it w/ Coach Van. I won't shed a tear if both of them leave post season-although i won't hold my breath (especially about cvh). As many noted last year, we've got bigger problems that just a change at DC will solve.

    And about the TEs-it's criminal the way we've wasted the talent we have at TE.

  3. Exilus Maximus is dead on with the "Roger Dorn" comment regarding Washaun. I saw that, too. For the second week in a row, he had a crucial mistake late...yet two seconds before that, he was doing the bobble head like he'd accomplished something. His behind needs to sit for awhile.

    I am confused by the timeliness of the Bobo bashing at this point of the season. It was completely appropriate to point fingers at the offense last week, seeing as how it failed to get into the endzone. Yet, judging by popular opinion, you'd think it was Grantham that screwed the pooch against Carolina.

    The only guys who showed up to play in the game I watched yesterday were Durham, TK and Aaron Murray on offense. But that defense STUNK. Nobody tackled. UGA defensive back's don't understand the concept of zone defense at all. The pass rush finally showed up the next to last drive.

    I realize in the minds of the majority it's Bobo's turn in the order to get fired, but you do realize the team gave up 31 points yesterday, right?

  4. Oh, there is plenty to go around, I am just talking about one specific comment and one specific play. The defense has a long way to go. The whole game post is coming. I just saw this comment from Bobo and it royally pissed me off.

    But let's be clear, offensive play calling is as much to blame as the lapses on defense, it is just that the lapses on defense are fixable, but are on the players to execute as much as it is on the coaches to teach them. The lapses in playcalling can be fixable, but are on the coaches. I believe that is why so many are on Bobo now (especially for me when he throws his QB under the bus on the most visible offensive lapse of the game).

    IF the defense keeps up with this non-sense all season, then it'll be both of them.

  5. "idiot bozo assclown savant"

    Ouch!.....aren't you the same guy who was apologizing for Richt this summer?

  6. No, I am the same guy that supports Mark Richt as the right person to lead the program. I don't believe I ever said he was perfect, just that he is the right person to lead the program.

    So, your thinking so black and white that any unkind words are deemed hypocritical?

  7. I agree that Bobo should retract that comment.

    That being said, I've seen so much focus on that 3rd and 4 play on all of the blogs. I think some people have stated this, but I'll remind everyone, while it was a bad play that probably cost us the game, it wasn't the only bad play, and wasn't even the last.

  8. No single play wins or loses a game. I couldn't believe Bobo said that, and have said as much on my blog.

    I don't believe it's time to fire Bobo, but looking back over his tenure as OC, he's hardly "elite." If you want UGA to be an "elite" program, you better hope he learns from his mistakes in a hurry. If not, we're in for a few more years of mediocrity and then the worst reaction - a new HC.

    That would be a travesty.

    To me, Bobo's main error seems to be in understanding what is/isn't working - and what to do about it.

  9. Not sure why anyone is surprised.

    Bobo passing off the blame for his own complete stupidity is common for him and anyone that knows him

    His play-calling is so atrocious that it makes even rival fans feel bad for us