Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hog tied?

Very quick, before I think about it, observations:
  • Bobo got out coached.  Or maybe better put, he didn't call plays that gave his young QB the chance to make plays.  Of course, it would help if he had time to throw.
  • If I were Searles, I'd fire everyone except Ben Jones and start over on the Oline.  Did. Not. Get. It. Done. 
  • There are still serious growing pains in implementing the 3-4.  The safeties in pass coverage are Exhibit A.
  • At least the Dawgs showed some life in the 4th Q.  I was convinced this was to be a three score game.
  • Any questions about Aaron Murray's toughness are now answered.
I'll have more later or tomorrow when I can digest it.  Mallett is much better than I remembered.  Arkansas' defense isn't.  The only thing good I can take away is that the Georgia D did slow the Hog's passing down some, but some isn't nearly enough when you struggle moving the ball for long stretches of time like we do.

Oh, yeah.  Losing while you are stuck in Illinois makes it worse.

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