Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Fulmer Cup

Let me start by saying I like Orson Swindle/Spencer Hall.  He gets being a Florida fan just about as close to tolerable as you can.  He is proud of the Gators and their successess.  He generally recognizes but for a very brief time in the middle 60s, the Gators were a more of a joke than a factor before 1990.  He is funny as crap and has an ability to make a sexual innuendo out of anything, no matter how harmless.

Oh yeah, he actually attended the University of Florida.

An example of his obvious intelligence is the Fulmer Cup.  For those of you that don't know, the Fulmer Cup is an arbitrary points system Spencer runs at his blog EDSBS designed to track the off-season shenanigans of football players.  I will note that I fully expect Georgia be named Fulmer Cup champions, as the 'polling' period ended last night at 11:59pm.  As of the last update, Georgia had 18 points, but that was before Washaun hit that Parking Services truck.  Unless mayhem broke out in Minneapolis, Greenville, NC, or Tallahassee, UGA will (quite regretfully) win it. In an illustration of the arbitrariness, Spenser declared Georgia the winner and ceased voting prematurely yesterday afternoon.

I am not proud.

I bring this up to point out to those that say Mark Richt should be fired for winning the Fulmer Cup that this is an arbitrary system developed by someone who was looking for a constant source of funny material to write about.  If you look at the list of people 'earning' points for Georgia, you notice that Damon Evans is on there for 1/5 of those points.  I am not condoning Damon's behavior, saying Spencer Hall doesn't have the right to include Damon in his poll, or that this negates all of the stupidity in Athens this year.  I point that out to show that the Fulmer Cup is as good an argument for firing Mark Richt (or getting rid of the football program or shutting the university or getting rid of those thugs, whatev) as saying he should go because of the free fall in preseason polls or that someone in Kalispel has never heard of him.  Shear assinity.  It is a construct, one based on a blog writer's whims.

If you want to talk about the how the coach handles the players that do get into trouble, then fine.  Let's have that debate.  For quick reference, here is the list (with notes about their offenses and resultant penalties from Coach Richt):

5 - Zach Mettenberger - underage possession, disorderly, fake IDs - Kicked off team
2 - Montez Robinson - hitting girls, Kicked off team
2 - Josh Parrish - underage possession, fake ID - Indefinite suspension, probable one game suspension
4 - Damon Evans, DUI w/ red panties - Whatever, not a football player
1 - Jordan Love, obstruction - No known punishment (as a lawyer, I say this is a pretty weak charge, at best)
3 - Dontavious Jackson, DUI - Six game suspension (decided to transfer)
1 - Tavarres King, underage possession - At least one game suspension
3 - Washaun Ealey, hit and run, suspended license - At least one game suspension

In the interest of fairness, Spenser missed Trent Dittmer.  Dittmer was arrested for public intoxication and kicked off the team.

Outside of installing SCRAM anklets on players (and presumably Damon Evans), I don't see but two things that reasonably could have been fixed by the coaches.  Jordan Love could have known his middle name, although again, I think that case will be dismissed, as the evidence points to him having good reasons for not knowing his middle name, thus negating the intent needed to bring a charge of obstruction.  Washaun Ealey could have been hand toted to the State Patrol and the ACC court house to take care of his business.  Of course, there is nothing I have seen that a coach could have done to keep Washaun from hitting a parked truck, but if it helps your Fire Richt narrative, then ok. 

So, where does that leave us?  First, I believe there is no more stupid behavior out of Georgia's football players than there is anywhere else.  Second, I don't believe Mark Richt is joking when he says the players are warned about conduct and the coaches spend a lot of time working with them on issues such as Washaun's and Josh Parrish's and Jackson's and Mettenberger's and King's.  Third, I believe there is a party culture in Athens that contributes to said behavior and the police's response to that behavior.  Forth, anyone that thinks Mark Richt doesn't lose sleep over this stuff is crazy.  Fifth, if you think he condones hitting girls or any of this other stuff, you are an idiot. Sixth, although the activities that gets you points are real, the Fulmer Cup isn't; therefore I believe we should stick to the real stuff in this debate.

So, what say you Mr. Fulmer Cup as reason Richt needs to go?  Is there something about the Fulmer Cup that I am missing or do you want to discuss the merits of the behavior of the players and their coaches' responses to and attempts to monitor/prevent it?


  1. As long as he is susupending the players for their actions, I don't see what else he can do. And we may have had MORE arrests, but they still don't match the level of thuggery of some schools. Getting points for Damon was crap and Orson knows it.

  2. well you have got to admit that being the Number 1 Party school in the nation and winning the Fulmer Cup do run hand in hand. GO DAWGS

  3. The hitting/inappropriately touching women thing is totally unacceptable and players were dealt with as such. Other than that I'm strangely okay with trading underage drinking and traffic charges at a 5 to 1 rate with weapons, drug trafficking, and assaulting police officers.

  4. Fulmer Cup only runs during the Summer.

    We have way too many arrests according to our new A.D. How is you fail to mention that ?

    Branden Smith ? I see nothing from you about him here sir having his DL suspended for having Vance Cuff's DL on his person. Who bought the alcohol ?

    Vance Cuff ? I see nothing from anyone saying that Branden Smith stole Vance Cuff's DL.

    Why were Vance Cuff and Branden Smith not given Suspensions ? Because Coach Richt ONLY suspends them if they are ARRESTED.

    Discipline ? You call that discipline to not suspend Branden Smith and Vance Cuff, for example ?

    Where is your discussion about Christian LeMay ? Oh, I see, if he doesn't end up here, it doesn't count against Coach Richt's RECRUITS here at UGA whom it should be noted are arrested once a month for 10 years and counting.

    Add to that # 96 NCAA Ranking on the field for Penalties on the Average Every Year of the last 4, finding 18 teams then the last 4 years whom Coach Richt does NOT have more wins than.

    And, 10-10 vs SEC East the last 4 years including a LOSING RECORD at HOME for God's sake when we don't play any top teams in The SEC East at Home and frankly only 1 top team in the entire SEC East the entire last 4 years.

    A combination I will MAKE



    But, if that is what you want to do to fix this crap...

    By all means, let's go there and you have at it son.

    I am not satisfied. I am so happy you are. And, have such a LONG LIST of EXCUSES, none of which hold water with Greg McGarity.

  5. Actually, I did mention Greg McGarity's response in a prior post. Is there anything he can say but that when he is asked? Not sure where you see excuses, but if me saying the behavior of the football players is the responsibility of the football players, then fine, I am making excuses.

    Now, if we want to talk about the actual performance on the field, then you are right. The last four years (actually three of the four) were much more Jim Donnan like. You chose whatever you wish to judge his record. I chose to judge Coach Richt on his whole record, not do like Florida fans and conveniently forget parts of his record.

    Let me ask you, son, what would you do? Fire a coach with 10 wins a season? What would you do as their coach? Tell me, how would you make them behave?

  6. Who recruited them here ?

    Michael Grant, for example, was recruited here to The University as our Ambassador after he was found Guilty of sex in a classroom in front of witnesses. He was expelled from his high school. Still, Coach Richt said he was ok to come here according to Coach Richt.

    I missed your responses to the other examples, such as Branden Smith not given punishment and Vance Cuff not given punishment either by Coach Richt.

    We don't have discipline here, not on the field and not off the field.

    I don't forget any part of Coach Richt's record.

    He is 2-7 vs Florida. He is 17-19 vs Top 25 Final AP Poll teams the year he played them. He is 3-8 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams the year he played them. He has never beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in any bowl game. He has been here 10 years now this season, and has averaged the # 52 Total Offense all years total average.

    Last 4 years, after the Jim Donnan Recruits were all gone, many to the NFL, the recruits since, have been lackluster.

    Especially on Offense, the 2010 Signing Class was poor.

    38-14 the last 4 years finds in fact 18 teams Coach Richt does not have more wins than sir. Yet, we are the # 11 program in the U.S. in 1-A wins All-Time.

    There are only 3 other states with more high school players who go on to the NFL California, Florida, Texas and then the state of Georgia.

    The last 4 years we lost to 6 Consecutive SEC East teams. We fired Jim Donnan for losing 13 games his last 4 years here. Coach Richt has 14 losses his last 4 years.

    Coach Richt has lost to 8 teams not ranked in the Top 25 Final AP Poll in his 9 years here.

    His entire coaching staff the entire 9 years of his tenure has been very poor.

    He has averaged the # 7 recruiting class every year.

    Montez Robinson Coach Richt should have kicked off the team the first time he beat us the little University of Georgia coed.

    No idea what you mean about 3 of the 4 years, when the last 4 years we AVERAGE # 96 NCAA Rank in Penalties.

    We also average over the last 4 years 21 fumbles a year and 14 interceptions a year.

    We are # 4 in The SEC over the last 4 years at 20-12.

    We are # 3 in The SEC East over the last 4 years at 10-10.

    We have not even been to The SEC Championship Game since 2005.

    This is 2010.

    We lose 15 seniors and 4-5 juniors after this season.

    We average the # 2 most Arrested / Suspended football program in all of America over the last 4 years.

    We average the # 1 most Arrested / Suspended football program in all of America over just this Summer alone. And, that does NOT count Christian LeMay, Branden Smith or Vance Cuff.

    Since February 2007, there have been 47 Arrested / Suspended.

    3 players were kicked off the team this Summer. All 3 were involved in Violent incidents. 2 of the 3 involved little girls.

    2 Top 10 at their position football players recruited here by Mike Bobo abused little girls this Summer.

    So, did Christian LeMay, who also is recruited here by Mike Bobo. A 14-year old girl cannot give consent in this state or his.

    5 Walk-ons who none of them ever play, all are awarded scholarships.

    Christian LeMay, like Montez Robinson and like Zach Mettenberger, all are Top 10 in the nation recruits at their position.

    We are recruiting the wrong people.

    The combination of 38-14 the last 4 years and 50 Arrests / Suspensions is more than I personally can handle reading excuses above such as :

  7. Fulmer Cup is a Florida Crocodile Invention (Florida is # 3 All-Time right behind Georgia in Fulmer Cup Standings with 48 points and NO Fulmer Cup as our Fulmer Cup National Championship 2010)

    Coach Richt should be fired ( a theme you continue to harp on yet there is no one who says that. Coach Richt has a 1-year window this year where we really only play Florida this season. The other teams beating the crap out of us in football Florida, LSU and Alabama, we do NOT play. Our out of conference opponents this year, suck to put it mildly. 12-2 is entirely possible with losses to Florida and Alabama. Now, he entire Offensive Coaching Staff SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED along with his entire Defensive Staff he did fire.)

    Zach Mettenberger false ID disorderly. (Give me a break. He sexually abused a little coed REPEATEDLY.)

    Montez Robinson hitting girls (Again give me a break. Repeatedly he picked her up at McWhorter Hall and slammed her into the floor. This was the 3rd different time this happened over the then last 6 months.)

    Damon Evans (He was too a football player. What he was was NEVER a Coach of Tiddly Winks, installed into the position to replace Vincent J. Dooley by Michael F. Adam$. At every football game, we watched his video saying don’t drink and drive.)

    Tavarres King (He duped Dontavius Jackson into driving his truck with 6 drunk teenagers, the sole purpose of which was for Tavarres King to DRIVE AROUND Athens and get drunk with them in HIS VEHICLE. 1 game suspension my butt, is discipline for this.)

    Trent Dittmer ( also BEAT UP a citizen in downtown Athens. Amazing how you have selective lack of memory.)

    Party Culture at # 1 Party School (The main reason for the win is the lack of discipline DEMONSTRATED all 10 years of the Coach Richt Era.)

    Coach Richt gets credit for the # 7 average recruiting class all 10 years according to both Rivals and

    Coach Richt gets the accountability for the 120 arrests / suspensions. Worst in the country.

    Coach Richt gets the credit for 90 wins in 9 years.

    Coach Richt then by God, gets the accountability for 27 losses in 38 games our Offense did not score more than 2 touchdowns. 19 of the 27 Top 25 Final AP Poll teams. 8 of the 27 Top 10 Final AP Poll teams. 8 of the 27 losses to teams not ranked in the Top 25 Final AP Poll. This is where we are, and he has his recruits he is accountable for By God arrested / suspended once a month for 10 years. If he doesn’t go 12-2 and goes 10-3 this season when it is over, losing 15 seniors and 4-5 juniors, 2011 will be rough especially with a far better schedule of opponents next season than this season too.

    10-3 isn’t CRAP.