Thursday, September 2, 2010

Five Questions, Two Days Out

  1. Will Georgia Show Up to Play?  I don't have any worries that this will be a Michigan-App State shitshow.  I do worry that Georgia will come out and look bad early.  ULL wasn't a very good offensive football team last year.  They finished 6-6 and only scored 22.2ppg.  The Cajuns were a bad defensive football team last year, ranking in the 70s and worse in most defensive categories.  While I get the value of giving Aaron Murray some time to grow into his role, the offense needs to be in a position to get a couple of scores quickly.  In order to do that, we'll have to keep them from scoring early.  The only problem is Georgia has not really jumped on an opponent in an opening game since the 2007 Oklahoma State game.  Noon kickoffs, late arriving fans and an opponent that is being overlooked all add up to lackluster play.  God, I hope we don't see this.
  2. Can we play the 3-4 effectively?  ULL will spread out their offense and try force us out of the traditional 3-4, but I'd love to see Grantham and Lakos force the Cajuns' hand with press coverage and let the linebackers run wild.   With the talent we have at CB and safety, we should be able to keep up with their receivers.  I hope to see the newly found passion for playing pass coverage turn into actual well defensed passes.  As important to me will be seeing our CBs on the line of scrimmage making receivers get open, instead of playing 7 yards off the line and backpedaling on the snap.  Getting some players in and out on the front and having them force what running ULL does have to the outside will be another big part of this.  Last season, the Cajun's scored 89% of the time they got into the Red Zone, good enough for 16th in the nation.  Forcing a few 3 and outs early will be my measure for the success of the 3-4 debut.
  3. Hutson Mason? Will he or won't he?  Four weeks ago, I'd said no way.  If anything, I would have looked for Georgia to play Logan Gray a series or two, if they are in the position to do so.  Now, I am not so sure we won't see Hutson the whole fourth quarter.  By all accounts, Hudson has done well enough and heavens knows we could stand to get him some snaps.  The bonus to having him play is being in the position to let him play.  If the Dawgs are up by 21 going into the 4th Quarter AND Murray is having a serviceable day (55+% passing completion with 20-25 passes attempted and all of the base plays being run), look for Mason to get a series or two.
  4. How many touch-backs does Blair Walsh get?  In one fell swoop, the answer to this question tells me Georgia scored a bunch and the new kickoff scheme works.
Bonus Question: Will Todd Grantham look good in black?

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