Monday, September 6, 2010

Five Questions, Four resounding yeses

A quick rundown on my questions from two days out:
  1. Will Georgia Show Up to Play?  Yes.  Oh, yes.  Going in, I was worried we'd see a repeat of Georgia Southern, where the Dawgs didn't really get rolling until in the second half to put them away.  Saturday wasn't like that at all.  It was Auburn blackout fun to watch, opponent be damned.
  2. Can we play the 3-4 effectively? Mission accomplished.  Yes, there are things to work on, but the defense played with speed, aggression and a head hunting mentality.  Two of the interceptions were outstanding athletic plays.  Two of the interceptions were set up by pressure from the linebackers.  The front three forced the running game outside into the waiting arms of Houston, Dent, Robinson, et al.  With a couple of exceptions, the pass coverage was strong.  The Cajuns only had five 3rd down convertions, and didn't earn one until the 3rd Q (they had one on a running into the punter penalty).   
  3. Hutson Mason? Will he or won't he?  Yes, and well.  He became only the 8th player to throw a TD pass on his first attempt and threw it to Logan Gray for the symmetry play of the day.  Murray came out with 26 passes attempted, 17 completed (65%) and ran a dizzying array of base plays.  As the Senator noted, the Dawg QBs ran far more passing plays than you would expect to be asked from RFresh and Fresh QBs.  It seems the coaches' comments about Murray's command of the offense wasn't just coachspeak.  Hutson Mason's did very well with the plays he was asked to run, and played over a quarter.
  4. How many touch-backs does Blair Walsh get? Georgia's kickers had two touchbacks, one by Bogotay and one by Walsh.  I'll reserve judgment on this one, but will say that the average starting field position on Walsh's kickoffs was the 18. Who will take that as a season average?
Bonus Question: Will Todd Grantham look good in black? Oh, hell yes. 

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  1. Kevin:
    One thing that stuck out to me ALOT that hasn't been mentioned much (if any) in the blogs or articles is the attacking approach by the middle LBs. In years past the LBs waited for the running backs to break through and then try to tackle him. Saturday I noticed the LBs attacking the holes and it was great to see.