Thursday, September 16, 2010

Five Questions for a Thursday

  1.  Will the Dawgs move on from last week's loss?  Yeah, I know.  It seems the obvious question.  I just wonder if all of the coach speak and players talking about hustle and ownership is real.  I want to have hope, I really do.  I am just taking it one step at a time.
  2. How many sacks will Georgia have? For whatever reason, this is huge to me.  Ryan Mallett is less mobile now than he was after his foot surgery (more on that tomorrow).  He has a howitzer for an arm, but he can't throw as well on the move and he can't move the pocket much.  This is the week Grantham has to be hoping for the 3-4 to come into its own, especially considering the type of offense he'll face and the type of QB/receiver sets his D will see.  Grantham's experience in the NFL certainly has prepared him for the plays Arkansas will run.
  3. Will Arkansas' running game matter? Not sure it was intentional, but the Hogs only ran the ball 31 times for 99 yards.  Against UL-Monroe.  No one on the Razorback's offense is nearly the back that Lattimore is.  Of course, Lattimore might not be quite the back he was against Georgia the rest of the season.  Too keep pressure off Mallett, their running game has to soften the LB's up.  If the front can keep the Arkansas RB's bottled up, Grantham can stunt, blitz and drop LBs into coverage, all creating issues for the Hog's passing game.  If they can run the ball well, especially if they have a back/backs get 130 yards after first contact, then we have to ask Hamilton/Rambo and others to play much better coverage than they would have to otherwise.
  4. Has the Hog's defense really improved that much? Joe Cox looked as much like Ryan Mallett as Ryan Mallett did last year (18/26/325/5/1).  The Razorbacks looked spectacular against opponents so far, holding both under 200 yards total offense.  Richard Samuel had a huge day last year in Fayetteville, as did King.  This season they have not given up much rushing yardage, but have put the two teams they played in the hole (generally, they only had a 7-0 lead at the half against UL-Monroe).  The Hog faithful seem to think this will be their coming out party.  I think they believe that the Hog's D will keep Georgia out of the end zone.  I think this will be a very different game than the Big 12 game that broke out last year.  In that regard, the Hog D has to be better or it will be a Dawg Day in Athens.

Bonus Question: Will Bobby Petrino still be coaching at Arkansas this Saturday?

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