Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Five Questions, Answers Still Not Good

Five Questions from Thursday answered.

  1.  Will the Dawgs move on from last week's loss?  No.  And Yes.  It is hard to say.  While the Dawgs didn't look any more motivated the first half than they did in the South Carolina game, they certainly played better football in the first half than they did against the Gamecocks.  
  2. How many sacks will Georgia have? Oh, boy.  Just one.  It ended up bing as huge as I thought, as the pressure that was brought never got Mallett jittery in the pocket.  Plus, Mallett is better able to move in the pocket than he was last year.  I have already mentioned the coverage fail and we've beaten that horse to death twice, but the secondary didn't do the front any favors.  The one Mallett sack was as much a coverage sack and really only one of a couple of times there was good coverage.  The other was the missed grounding penalty when Mallett three the ball on the ground in the direction of one of his running backs. By in the direction, I mean on the same football field.
  3. Will Arkansas' running game matter? No.  The one bright spot was the defense's redemption against the run game.  The lack of consistent pressure and coverage breakdowns made the Arkansas running game moot.   
  4. Has the Hog's defense really improved that much?  No, I don't think so.  Aaron Murray didn't have a Joe Cox day, but he did ok, considering.  Georgia's problems with Arkansas' D didn't stem from great play as much as adequate play against blockers that didn't have their game and plays that didn't seem to have much going for them to start with.  True Georgia didn't have a 100 yard rusher, but Ealey/Thomas averaged 4.9 ypc.  Regretfully, Georgia wasn't in the position much of the game to run.
Bonus Question: Will Bobby Petrino still be coaching at Arkansas this Saturday?  Obviously, this was a joke, but seriously, the guy is a top notch purveyor of offensive genius.  Of course, it helps that you have a defense that just flat out fails to cover receivers, but looking at the defense and knowing that will happen is pretty awesome.  I'd settle for looking at a defense and knowing that yet another play action pass play won't work, right now.

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