Monday, September 13, 2010

Five Questions, Answers Not Good

The questions answered.

  1. Will the AJ thing matter? Who knows?  AJ's absence certainly kept the game plan pretty vanilla.  Receiver's contributions are usually cumulative, in that unless they get out and make some sort of fantastic play, their contributions aren't as noticeable with the number of touches they get.  I have to say the team looked pretty flat during most of the game.  AJ's deal?  I just don't know.
  2. Can Georgia stop Marcus Lattimore?  No.
  3. Will Aaron Murray come close to replicating his play from last week? I thought if he'd come close to replicating his play from last week, he'd have a monster game.  He did come close and didn't have a monster game.  He made good decisions, played with poise and determination and only had a couple of bad throws, nothing that was even close to the bad throws from last week.  Game planning held him back.
  4. Can Georgia's defense contain South Carolina's weapons?  The Dawgs got to Garcia plenty.  He got hit plenty when he did try to run.  As for Jeffery, he got 7 of Garcia's 12 completion for 103 yards.  No, the Dawgs didn't contain him worth a damn.  Tackling was an issue this game, something I think Coach Grantham will make a big point out of in film study and practice this week.  
Bonus Question: Will the offensive line play to their potential and give the running backs holes and keep Murray upright? No and yes.  They didn't have a very good day.  They kept the pass rush off Murray.   They didn't look bad, they just looked average.  Coach Searles hates average.

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