Thursday, September 23, 2010

Five Questions, 60 Hours Out

  1. Where does Georgia go from here?  I don't buy into the falling apart thing.  I do buy into the idea that good teams can get into a mental funk and stop trying.  Is Georgia that team?  Is Mark Richt the type of coach that can stop that? Obviously, I think the answer is no and yes.  I could be proven wrong on Saturday.  That isn't to say I think Saturday is a make or break game, just it could answer the question about what the mental makeup of the team is and Coach Richt's motivational ability.
  2. Will the line ever play to their expectations? We've all beat this horse pretty good, but two things happened this week that tells me we are getting there.  First Ben Jones and Aaron Murray had a sit down.  Good. Ben Jones is a natual wild man and someone that can jerk a knot in the team's tail.  He has to know Georgia's success will start and end with line play.  Second, he suggested Josh Davis, the team's lone Mississippi native, be a captain, despite not starting.  That is leadership.
  3. Will Chris Reif or another Mississippi State offensive player win player of the week honors? At some point, NFL Grantham has to show up and tell players the huge breakdowns can't happen. In an NFL way.  After a week of great play against the pass, but terrible run defense; then a week of great run D, but terrible pass D, will this be the week the Dawgs D puts both together?
  4. Will our offensive game plan include TEs? Hey, if you have TEs that can't/won't block, fine.  Figure out a way to get them the ball.  Of course, you'd love to have three Randy McMichael's playing end.  It has become apparent we don't.  Use their size to create mismatches with safeties or speed to create mismatches with LBs.  Do something to get out of the 10 vs. 11 problem.  Same goes for RBs on passing plays.
Bonus:  How many snaps will Caleb King get?  He is clearly the better blocking running back (although Carlton Thomas, pound for pound, is better).  Will we see Caleb/Washaun/Carlton mixed in on pass and rush, or will we tip them with seventeen playactions in a row with King in the game?

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  1. I think Josh Davis is starting at RT, it's Chris Davis, the RG that isn't starting. I still can't figure out if he lost his job to Strickland because of injury or performance.

    Regardless, I hope Josh takes the team (or more importantly, the line) on his shoulders for his homecoming.