Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So AJ gets a four game ban for selling a jersey to an (someone who the NCAA defines as agent). 

Marcell Dareus gets a two game suspention for going to a party on an agent's (an actual agent) dime.

I am not saying the NCAA is being unfair.  I am not saying AJ is in deeper than what we have seen.  I am saying 2+2 does not equal 'platypus'. 

AJ, go to Miami next time. Damn.


  1. If I knew anything about NCAA appellate procedure, I'd be drafting the amicus right now. Cain't lie, this one hurts.

  2. Dont' worry, when we're done with the NCAA they'll be in charge of organizing the fly over at the Liberty Bowl.

  3. Let us just call it like it is, AJ should be suspended for a game or two but four is a big ol' pile of horse shit.