Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Colorado Dawgs Group is In

Yesterday, I called for a Redout and sent the following to the president of the Colorado Dawgs Club:
BTW, just saw and commented on the Blackout planned.  By my way of thinking, if the Dawg fans have a Redout, it'll feel a lot like home (or at least Vandy).


If the Colordo Dawgs are in, then it'll catch on and be a real deal.
Now, the Colorado Dawg club is in.  Red in Boulder, y'all.  Make it happen.


  1. The Garner Family is in!

    I'd already bought a new red & black dress for the game, Now i've convinced my Bama hubby to rock the red pants.

    We're travelling w/ 3 other Dawg families, so i'll pass on the word to them as well.

    GO DAWGS!!

  2. Red it is, then. Even if it means not wearing the lucky black shirt (which, admittedly, has not been so lucky this year). Wife and I are really excited about this trip. She was even more excited when I told her it would be AJ's first game back (she's a UVA fan, God bless her).