Monday, September 20, 2010

Colorado Blackout!!!!

Colorado has called for a blackout for the Georgia game on their Facebook page.  The last time they called for a blackout, they beat West Virginia 17-13 in 2008, so they have some major mojo working for them.  Of course, they got housed by FSU the first time the did it in 2007.

If it were me, I'd be calling for some other outs, as well:
  • Sellout: You know, so it'll be a full stadium.
  • Outhouse: Where Dan Hawkins is.
  • Outside: No word on if it'll be a high heat in Boulder. (After typing that, I realized I made a bit of a double entendre there)
  • Whiteout: Wait, Georgia Tech already tried that one.
As a Dawg fan, I am officially calling for a Redout.  When the Dawgs look up at the 45,000 or so people there, the red and black will just make them feel like we are at Vandy.


  1. My wife and I will be doing our part to help with the Redout!

  2. Does Colorado have to rely on fake juice too.

  3. No, I am pretty sure their home jerseys are made of real juice.

  4. Okay, red it is. I'll take my khaki Dawg pants to go with my red shirt.


  5. Nice post... SCOREBOARD!!!!!!!!