Friday, September 3, 2010

College Football Pick'em

College Football Pick'em, jointly hosted by PWD and BIE, is ready to go.  We now have over 250 folks in it, and it isn't too late to get in.  Simply go here to sign up.  Invite your friends, ex-friends, facebook friends and that cute girl you met at JR's last night.

PWD and I have decided to do a contest for best name.  Right now, there are a few pretty good one's including hooterswhisper, AJ Collard Greens, Jeremiah Masoli stole my team name, and 2 shots of Bacarri Rambo.  We'll figure out prizes and such, but will probably do a selection process and some sort of polling during the season.

If you have joined and need to get your picks in, you will have until about 20 minutes before the first game (which is the Georgia game) to do so.

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