Saturday, September 25, 2010

Calipari - Evil Jenius, Dirty or Both

Eric Crawford, Louisville Courier Journal writer, makes the observation that more attention has been paid to former Kentucky Wildcat Eric Bledsoe's high school algebra grade than many people pay to their own kid's grades.  To that I say, my kid's haven't played basketball for the most visable basketball program in the world, gotten drafted in the first round of the NBA draft, or been recruited by John Calipari.

Just to catch you up, Bledsoe's high school algebra grade has been under scrutiny because it was changed from a C to an A after Bledsoe did 'extra work'. That change helped him become eligible for entry into UK and to play hoops for Calipari.

So, my kid's haven't gotten their grades changed two letter grades up after the fact, so that is different, as well.

I'm not saying their was hanky panky, but grade books from just year ago have disappeared and other records from his high school have disappeared.  Because of that, there was no evidence available to say the grade change was improper.  In legal parlance, it was a failure to meet a standard of proof, not an acquittal.  The investigation found Bledsoe's grades were changed 'far more frequently' than others, that there wasn't evidence he did the make up work, but due to lack of any evidence that he didn't do it, the presumption has to be that he did and his grade stands.

Either John Calipari is the luckiest guy in the world, evil genius or both. His guy got in, got out, got gone.  He gets his 35 wins. Since the independent review didn't find evidence Bledsoe didn't deserve the A, his transcript isn't going to be altered.  Since his transcript won't be altered, his eligibility question is closed, at least as far as UK (snicker) and the NCAA are concerned.  The 35 wins from this season are still safe for now.

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