Sunday, September 19, 2010

Balls of steel, heart in need of repair

Mark Dantonio had a heart attack just a couple of hours after he pulled the trigger on what The Senator called the Guttiest Call of the Season.  FWIW, I was shocked out of a near slumber as it happened. 

In case you missed it, Dantonio's Michigan State Spartains were in OT with Notre Dame, got the ball second and needed a FG to tie it and send it to the second OT.  Not so fast, as Michigan State called the fake FG, executed it to perfection and sent the Irish to 1-2.

Here's wishing Coach Dantonio good luck in his recovery.  If needed, just take a bit of his testicular materials and implant it in his heart.  He has plenty to share and it should make him good for quite some time.

As an aside, does the WWL get a pay per mention deal with Florida?  Urban Meyer quitting, then not quitting, then taking a 36 hour leave of absence and his health issues the lead to that aren't remotely in the same ballpark as a heart attack after a thrilling win over a hated rival.

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