Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why Georgia Will Not Win the National Championship This Season

Coaches' Poll is out.  The Dawgs, along with most everyone else, is eliminated from the national championship picture. 

About what I had expected as far as Georgia goes. 21st doesn't seem any more or less realistic than not ranked or top 10.  Hey, a boy can dream, right?

Someone does need to explain to me why a Pittsburgh team that is breaking in a QB is ranked as high as they are.  Oh, yeah, Big East and New Hampshire.  Right.

Obviously, the voters think the Hogs will beat the Dawgs in Athens, but the Dawgs will prevail in Columbia.  A couple of other things stand out: It is expected that Florida will only lose to Alabama...twice, but stay ranked 3rd?  So a two loss Florida is better than a no loss Texas?  Oklahoma will lose to Texas, right?

Oh, yeah.  LSU? Hmm.  Lots of SEC West love. 

I didn't expect to be ranked in the top 15, but a new QB and a new defensive coordinator is easily enough to scare everyone.  I'm talking about Georgia, obviously, because Florida is ranked 3rd with that scenario.

I have never liked pre-season polls.  Now I never liked them even more.


  1. Definitely get your point and share your feelings about pre-season polls.

    But here's a question to ponder: Now I'm not actually expecting this to happen, but for the sake of argument... Let's say an SEC team like UGA goes undefeated, beating FL and an undefeated #1 Bama team in the SEC championship. Based on the fact that the SEC has won the past 4 BCS titles, do you really think an undefeated SEC team (no matter how low in the polls in the preseason) would be denied a shot to compete for the title even if there were 2 other undefeated teams more highly ranked in the preseason? I know it happened to Auburn, but a lot has happened since then.

    Looking at the poll... worst case scenario, both TX and OH St also go undefeated. They'd have arguments, but I'd have to think an undefeated SEC team would leapfrog an undefeated OH St. team given recent history.

    I know the chance of this happening is tiny... but just asking. Perhaps your point in this post is that my scenario is virtually the ONLY way to get to the national championship, but a chance is a chance... and in that sense you could say we likely still control our own destiny. Thoughts?

  2. I'd have to agree that it is *possible* for any of the lowly or un-ranked SEC teams to get in. However, an undefeated Texas and an undfeated Ohio State will make it hard. Put it this way: all of the teams above any other teams below the top 15 just about have to have one loss for any team below them to jump them. That is just the nature of the beast. Voters rarely are willing to admit they made mistakes in their voting in August.

  3. All that poll is good for is to mark another step to the start of football season; and other than Alabama, it is an exercise in futility to make any sense out of who is ranked where. All we should be focused on is beating Florida, period. If we are good enough to beat FL - and we've been better than them many times since 2000 (we've gagged up at least one Nat'l Championship against them) and still lost - then everything else will fall into place. We have to stop being an accessory to their success. The Dawgs can take a great deal of credit for where FL stands in the college football world, and I'm sick of it.

  4. I am sick of a lot of areas of our football program right now today. This # 21 ranking is the worst ever for The Georgia Bulldogs since Vince Dooley made Coach Richt come here a few days before Signing Day 2001.

    Our 10-10 vs The SEC East over the last 4 years, and facing off against # 35 South Carolina a 7-6 UNRANKED team on the road with No Quarterback prepared again as we enter 2010 like we didn't prepare a QB 2006 and 2009 and now 2010 seasons, recently. Lose that game and Coach Richt has a LOSING RECORD over the last then 5 years vs SEC East.

    That is really what I am sick and tired of.

    The main reason why this tops the list is that ONLY FLORIDA in The SEC East offered up any competition for The Georgia Bulldogs. But, still yet we are 10-10 and face LOSING RECORD over 5 years then if Coach Richt cannot beat South Carolina.

    I am also sick and tired of the EXCUSES.

    Here is my Top 5 list of what I am sick and tired of :

    1. 10-10 vs SEC East last 4 yrs
    2. Being # 3 Fulmer Cup 2006 last 4 yrs
    3. Being # 96 in Penalty last 4 yrs
    4. Averaging 21 fumbles last 4 yrs
    5. Averaging 14 interceptions last 4 yrs